The more convicts and 11 ships known

The thirteen colonies in North America used to be the main location for British convicts to be transported to. Although after the American war of independence, the newly created and developing states accepted no more convicts and 11 ships known as the First Fleet left Portsmouth. England with more than 1500 men, woman and children convicts aboard. The 3-month voyage resulted in the arrival of the first fleet in Botany Bay. Although they were relocating to Sydney as French delegates were sailing into the same area. 8 days after the landing in Botany Bay, Captain James Cook, and his sailors encountered the aboriginals, who were mistreated and discriminated by the Europeans. They departed again to establish a settlement in Port Jackson and the location developed into Sydney, Australia’s biggest cities. This event resonates with me because the first fleet brought in thousands of convicts from Britain and interrupted the aboriginals land and culture. I think that it is important to respect these aboriginals past and present for putting up with the rough part of Europeans and the loss of their ancestors. Even now in the present, Australians of all backgrounds, remember the owners of this land we are living in and respect them for enduring and forgiving us.


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