The Matos , Remembering Portugal’s Carnation Revolution ,2014,

Thepaper explains the results of economic development might be democratization countryas South Korea and confrontation with the example of China. The paper emphasisand uses the major theories for economic development and political regimes byjustifying the results of economic development.Theoreticalapproach in recent decades is part of what has influenced  comparative politics literature dating back tothe early post–World War II period that examined literature such as “requisitesof democracy” and preconditions of democratic governance from Dahl.

1 Thisresearch paper seeks to  explain the differentstreams of the debates for  thedemocratization over the years. Even though there have been unpleasantcontradictions in the subfield as to which variable of which theory are themost imperative, this paper endeavors to avoid “favoring one side”and rather gives a format of the significant open discussion inside the research.The variables discussed in this paper are based on discussions from manyauthors.However,it was not until what would become known as the third wave of democratization ,startingbuilding with the overthrow of the Portuguese military government in 1973 thatthe debates about democracy became one of the preeminent topics in the field. 2Thefirst theory that are thought to make a positive environment fordemocratization is modernization. This is the great clarification fordemocratization and upgrading comprehension for the process towards democracy.

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The second classification incorporates those variables that can be assembledinto economic prerequisite. These are variables that have instrumentsidentified with economic aspects and elements of improvement. Every one ofthese clarifications consider the effects and impacts of economy ondemocratization.1Seymour Martin Lipset, Social Requisites of Democracy: Economic Development andPolitical Legitimacy, The American Political Science Review, Vol. 53, No.

1,1959, pp. 69-105 2 HenriqueMatos , Remembering Portugal’s Carnation Revolution ,2014, accessed 19.01.2018


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