The beginnings of space travel must be ignored,

The moon was always a special attraction for thepeople.

Not only the Europeans, but also the native Americans in North Americaand the indigenous people of Africa havematched him and started to think about their almost everyday. Later people alsothought about a trip to the moon. But not only for the ancients was the moonimportant. Also in the second half of the twentieth century the interest in himwas great. It began a veritable race, which nation would probably first reachhim and set foot on him: the race to the moon. However, in order to be able to investigate theimportance of space travel during the cold war more closely, the beginnings ofspace travel must be ignored, as it was during this time that the course wasset for some successes that had a significant impact on later development.

Manyspace events, which at first glance seem to be obscure, can be traced back todecisions made during the childhood days of astronautics, and there are strikingparallels with other areas of science and politics, especially since the coldwar, space had an impact on areas that are not immediate had to do with. It notonly reflects the typical peculiarities of the two world powers USA and USSR,which faced each other during the Cold War, but also sheds light on the role ofthe respective system in world politics.The Americans realized, through the sovietunions second breaking success in space that the measures taken so far in thefield of civil spaceflight would not be enough to win the space race againstthe Soviet Union. It was not just about thepresence in space, but about the leadership of the world power in the system ofthe cold war. The Americans were afraid that the Soviet Union could get more and more control over the world.

The questioncame up whether the US wouldreach, its set goal or whether Russia.This new challenge resulted in a kind of spirit optimism in the Americanpopulation. There was a goal that the public wanted to reach before the Soviet Union and restore the Americans leadership in theworld. And the lunar program, the economy also played a role. For Kennedy, however,it was also important that the space program could involve peaceful aspects. Kennedyit was a peaceful aspect.

The Soviet Union wasnot a first for such”cooperation” interested. The Mercury program under thespacecraft pioneer Wernher von Braun has proven to be too lame. Kennedy isdoing something that no politician would dare today.

He sets himself and hisscientists an ultimatum, on May 25, 1961, six weeks after the soviet Gagarincoup, USPresident John F. Kennedy steps in front of the microphones and he gives thecrucial slogan: Even before the end of the next ten years, an American shouldenter the moon and return healthy to earth again. “Its time for this nation totake a clear leadership role in space,” says Kennedy. . Today we can say that Kennedy’s plan hascompletely changed the American space policy of the time. His policy was veryimportant for the USAto become the first nation to reach the moon.



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