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The world in these times is going through moments where violence is becoming frequent. Terrorist events like the one that happened, on September 11, 2011 in New York, when the twin towers were demolished, the attacks in the nightclub of Orlando and Las Vegas, are a sample of how the USA is in terms of violent crimes it is n this times. “A violent crime is the act in which a person uses or threatens to use violent force. The objective of using violent force is to murder, steal or sexually rape a person. In criminology, how a violent crime is approached depends on how much crime is defined” (Briggs, & Friedman, 2009). So many different legal terms exist for various forms of violent crimes that it’s often hard for people to keep track of what means what. Over the years, the world has become more violent and people have to do something to stop it, that is why people have to emphasize what are the causes, how to prevent crimes and what punishments are implement. There are several causes for which people commit violent crimes. First of all, one of the causes why some people commit violent crimes, is poor. The people who need money, these people do atrocities like killing or kidnapping the person just for money. According to Monahan, an important fact is that poverty is one of the causes of violent crimes is that people who commit violent acts in the street are mostly men. In turn are poor and unemployed who before they committed the crime had income. According to the FBI, 90% of these men who committed crimes were unemployed at that time (Monahan, n.d.). Another cause of violence is drugs, because people consume and commit crimes without thinking or are part of disputes between drug gangs. The drug is a business where, territories are disputed, thefts of goods is present, uncollectible debts, among other things, these type of problems call to violence. (Fryklund, 2017). Finally, alcohol, which is considered a drug, is legal and is the most consumed. Alcohol is one of the most influential causes at the time of committing a violent crime. According to a study that was conducted on 305 people, it could be observed that 34.5% of those people were involved in fights or acts of violence. (Shabani, et al, 2014). It is interesting to see how these type of things change or modify the behavior of a person. Drugs is a business in which many factors are involved, as well as alcohol where family problems can be involved, misunderstandings or even marital problems. When a person is under the influence of alcohol, the person acts without knowing of what is he doing.There are many violent crimes in the word, but there are two special crimes in which there will be more emphasis, which are murder and rape. Murder is one of the greatest crimes in the world, is when a person takes the life of another person, with or without reason. There are many type of murder. Many can be accidents or may be caused by acts of violence. Murders can be classified by degrees, are the first and second degree. According to Iggulden, the first degree murder refers to a person who knows that his conduct will result in the death of another person. This can also be understood in the sense of “premeditated murder”, or intentional planning and execution of the death of another person. In fact, “the second degree murder will cover killing with intent to cause serious injury. It will also apply to cases where the attacker intended to cause some injury while knowing there was a serious risk of death” (Iggulden, 2016). These types of murder are mostly caused by firearms. In the United States, a curious statistic is presented. It is worth mentioning that the USA is one of the most developed countries in the world, where most of the violent crimes are caused by guns. In 2011 they killed around 11,000 Americans, which is alarming considering that in Britain which has laws similar to the United States, when only occurs between 50 and 60 murders per firearm per year. (Bergen, 2017).Rape is another of the violent crimes where more emphasis will be made. It could be called rape or sexual abuse, this applies to both children and adults. If it occurs in minors it is barbaric. Sexual abuse can be defined as unwanted contact, attempted unwanted sex, or sex by force or under pressure. According to datas between 2007 and 2014, it can be observed that at least 25% of females and 10% of males report experiencing a form of sexual violence as a child. This occurs mostly in poor countries, such as, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Haiti and Cambodia. Be abused at such a young age can bring problems in the future such as premature and unwanted pregnancies, depression, can also bring many types of biological traumas. These can be, hormonal alterations and this is the risk of developing chronic diseases. (Sifferlin, 2015). Rape in adults is also considered a crime, while practicing unwanted sex or force is considered sexual abuse. Most people who are sexually abused, present damage on their body, such as scratches or bruises, which serves to denounce the offender or rapist. Depending on the damages that the rapist causes,  this could be apply up to 80 years of prison which is almost a sentence for life (Sifferlin, 2015). Finally, violent crimes must be punished and each crime is related to a different    punishment. There are many types of punishment around the world, in each crime the degree of violence is assessed. A punishment would be the retribution, an example of this is when one person murders  another, the murderer can be sent to prison for many years or loses his right to life, where in some cases he can be executed, which is called the death penalty. Another punishment would be rehabilitation, this punishment does not apply to violent crimes, rehabilitation is when the person is given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes (Criminal Punishment, n.d.). There are other types of punishments such as restitution and monetary fines, where the restitution is when the judge order the defaulter to pay all the expenses of the affected person, either to the family if the person died, or if the person is injured, the criminal has to pay all his recovery. Like a for the monetary fine, this person has to pay a fine, a certain amount of money to the court. In addition to this, it is very probable that the person also serves a sentence in prison (Portman, n.d.). Each of these punishments is carefully studied and of course each one has a specific function. The question is which punishment works best?. It is difficult to answer this question because it depends on the crime that is committed, then the punishment that best applies to that person will be evaluate. It is where the debate starts, if sending that person to rehabilitation or prison to spend the rest of his life. The effectiveness of the punishment depends on several factors: frequency of punishment, immediacy of punishment and positive reinforcement in positive or good behavior. Punishment can also have negative effects on the person such as aggressiveness. Most of these people are likely to commit another type of crime again, which says that the prison is not effective for them (Effectiveness, 2014). Studies were continued to prove that education is the best way to avoid crime. Inmates with at least two years of college education have a 10% re-arrest rate compared to inmates who do not have any one year of education have an re-arrest rate of 62%. Prisoners with associate’s degrees have a re-arrest rate of 13.7%, 5.6% with a bachelor’s degree, and 0% for those with a master’s degree (Effectiveness, 2014). There are people who disagree with the rehabilitation of criminals and they will send the criminal to a prison to make them suffer, they believe that these people will never recover mentally and do not deserve to be forgiven. Nevertheless, these people who have lived a long time in prison do not improve their behavior, anxiety and stress are common effects of those people who have spent a lot of time in prison. . These negative symptoms and disorders follow the individuals even after they have been released and can prevent them from living a successful life upon their reentry to society. Spending a lot of time in jail and then leaving, can cause feelings of confusion and frustration in the person. These people when they leave prison are not prepared for the changes that have occurred in the world and the challenges they will face when they are released (Garcia, n.d.).It can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, for many of these people it is a great challenge to leave jail. This problem occurs due to the scarcity of rehabilitation programs inside the jail. These programs should be within the penitentiaries to educate the inmate and prepare him for what lies ahead when he faces the world after so long incarcerated. (Garcia, n.d.)To sum up, all people are exposed to some type of crime or act of violence in this life, it is difficult to determine how, and when they will happen. Here we determine the causes, the types of violence, the ways to prevent them, and which punishments work best. Where it could be concluded that a better education is the best way to prevent violent crimes. In my opinion, there are more violent countries than others, where these countries are the poorest, where countries, people have to concentrate more on trying to avoid crime, because you can help with other countries or seek extreme solutions within the country. A solution for violent crime is to invest more money in education, as could be seen in the aforementioned statistics. When an inmate received education the probability of re-arrest reduced. When a person is educated, they know how to differentiate between  what is good and bad, they also have job opportunities, and having a job means money income.


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