The to another. Culture care relates to the

The theory was grounded on the aspects of universality and diversity with the major objective of providing culturally congruent care.

Madeleine Leininger’s (1978) theory of transcultural nursing embodies the basis of this work:
“If human beings are to survive and live in a healthy, peaceful and meaningful world, then nurses and other health care providers need to understand the cultural care beliefs, values and lifeways of people in order to provide culturally congruent and beneficial health care”.
(Leininger ; McFarland, 2002)

Every culture is different.
Culture influences health, illness and treatment.
Every person is unique and their cultural differences are respected.

According to Leininger’s concept she stated that
Care refers to assisting, supporting or enabling behaviors that improve a person’s condition. It is essential for the survival of a person, development and ability to deal with life’s events.

Culture is described as a group of beliefs, norms, values and life practices that are learned , shared and handed from one generation to another.

Culture care relates to the values and beliefs that assist, support or enable another person or group to maintain well being, improve personal conditions or face death or disability.


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