The seemingly impossible things in life. Be it

The power of your subconscious mind by Dr Joseph MurphyYour subconscious mind is a powerful tool. It can help you accomplish seemingly impossible things in life. Be it wealth, success, health, love or peace of mind.

You have to believe it to have it. This ideology is not any vague theory but a proven fact by Dr. Joseph Murphy through a series of experiments and ions of observation.

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In this book he not only explains in depth how one’s subconscious mind works but also lists down practical techniques on how to make your mind work in your favour. Areas of MindThere are two areas of mind- Conscious, that is the ‘surface’ or the ‘objective’ mind; and Subconscious, that is the ‘sleeping’ mind. Surface mind is your waking mind which can reason, argue, make decisions and think. On the contrary your subconscious mind lacks the ability to do any of it. It simply manifests the thoughts sowed by the conscious mind. If your conscious mind is the gardener that plants seeds of thoughts or beliefs then your subconscious mind is the garden itself. Principles of the Conscious and Subconscious MindYou can achieve any happiness and success if you understand the working process of your mind. Your conscious mind suggests thoughts which are obediently accepted by your subconscious mind to act accordingly.

It doesn’t categorize as good or bad thoughts. It simply accepts and acts. Hence good thoughts will produce positive results and negative thoughts will result into negative manifestation.

Different people respond to mind suggestions in varied manner based on their past experiences and temperaments. Your emotions are in control of your subconscious mind. ‘Autosuggestion’ is a powerful technique that can get you rid of your inhibitions if used positively. Or it can worsen your situation if suggestions are negative. Dark negative thoughts are strong hence needed to be counterattacked with ‘constructive autosuggestions’. Your subconscious mind will draw conclusions and answer questions for you however to the extent of the limits you set for it. It will act and manifest based on the conclusions.

Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds but more than 90% of a human’s mental life is subconscious. It has infinite life and boundless wisdom. It is always in a state of harmony in which optimism is the way of life and anything deviating from this philosophy is abnormal to it. Mental suffering happens because people go against this nature and sow negative thoughts consistently. It is important for your conscious and subconscious mind to interact for which its corresponding nerves must engage and network.

Subconscious mind is intelligent and cares for your health; both mental and physical. You must believe in its power freely. Do not think of this faith as an opponent or test it. Believe in it as if your prayers will be answered. As if they are being answered. Do not put too much effort to believe. You cannot force your subconscious mind. Confidently ask for help and believe that helping hand shall be extended.

Emotions, Relationships and the Subconscious MindSubconscious mind plays a vital role in determining your happiness, emotions and harmony in relations. The only way to be happy is to choose happiness and have faith in yourself. There is no better time than now to be happy.

Trust your subconscious mind to manifest in your life and overcome all barriers. Make happiness the state of your mind. Gratitude is powerful. Be happy with whatever life has blessed you with and you shall receive more. Happiness can never be contingent on materialistic factors.

Do not let past overpower your present. Past exists only in your mind. Let it go. Do not derive happiness from situations or illness, like people who enjoy rather crave for the attention when they are sick. Practice the best inside of you. Relationship problems happen because more often than not people wait for the problems to arise and then solve it.

It is better to be safe than sorry. A happy  marriage is the one where you first marry on spiritual basis before real marriage takes place. In order to attract an ideal mate, think about it in your mind as if that person already exists in your life. Talk to your mind about the qualities you would want in your partner and your mind will manifest accordingly. Does that mean, bad marriages are not there? Of course not! It is better to have a divorce than have a false unhappy marriage. But again, divorce first takes place in mind. Do not drift to the thought of divorce.

Let your subconscious mind guide you and help you take an appropriate decision. Get rid of all negative thoughts about your relationships. Do not badmouth about your spouse or marriage. It only piles up the already existing negativity and bitterness.

Replace it with optimism. An ideal marriage is of the hearts. Do not try to change your spouse. This will cause unnecessary resentment from their end. This will damage your relationship.

Accept them for who they are and pray together. Follow three rules:Don’t carry one day’s frustrations over into the next. Forgive one another daily. “Say grace at breakfast” and express appreciation regularly. Take turns praying for your marriage every night.The “Universal Healing Principle”History has shown testimonials of spontaneous, even miraculous healing. In many cultures, people believe that gods heal them. Sick people go to priests instead of doctors and priests guide them through rituals and ancient medicines of herbs and at times, even stranger medicines.

When cured, people feel it is the magic of the priests that has worked. However the truth is that the priest possessed no divine powers. These healers helped achieved the correct repetitive healing mindset that the patient needed. They help the subconscious mind of the patient accept suggestions of healing. So it can safely be said that their own subconscious mind healed them.

The methods or the rituals followed might be different in different parts of the world but the universal principle applies to one and all. You have to believe in the healing as if you have already been healed. Visualize that you are healthy now and will continue to be. Your mind will work upon these suggestions. Throughout history, people have witnessed spontaneous, even miraculous, healing.

In many cultures, people believed the gods healed them. Sick people went to priests for help, and the priests guided them through rituals and gave them mixtures of herbs or sometimes even stranger palliatives. When these procedures produced healing, the specific herbs didn’t make the difference. Patients didn’t get well because the priests possessed a special connection with the divine. These healers helped believers achieve a properly receptive state of mind.

This let them accept suggestions of healing to come. Their own subconscious minds healed them. The specific methods people follow may vary widely, but the same universal healing principle applies to all. The Bible underscores this principle often: You will receive “according to your faith.

“The “Universal Subconscious”A person spends about one third of his life sleeping. A healthy sleep cycle is the key to healthy mind. Sleep deprivation has extreme effects on mental and physical health. It is a myth that sleep is not a productive activity.

A lot goes on when you are asleep. Your body utilises this time to repair itself; digest food; restore energy levels and so on. When you sleep, your conscious mind shuts down and your subconscious mind takes charge. It recharges your spirits and connects you with the larger universal subconscious. Hence, you must systematically relax your body; sleep peacefully and wake happily. It is often observed that most prominent personalities got the best of their ideas in sleep. Nikola Tesla always visualised his inventions first.

Dr. Frederick Banting, the inventor of insulin to cure Diabetes got this idea in a dream where his subconscious mind guided him where to look for the solution. Similarly, Robert Louis Stevenson often had vivid dreams before he wrote his masterpiece- Treasure Island. You too can achieve similar results with your subconscious mind. Simply ask for help and believe in it as if you are already happy with a perfect solution in hand.Subconscious mind and Aging Your aging is determined by your subconscious mind.

Your body reflects your thoughts. If you are old in mind, your body will age faster. If you are sick and think of yourself as weak, so you will be. If  you look upon your retirement time with wisdom and joy, so shall you be offered.

Your subconscious mind never age. Hence it is apt to let it guide you. You are ‘as young as you think’. You must continue to dream and hope which will become sources of energy throughout your life. One is never too old for anything. Isaac newton worked till his 80s. So did the German author Johann von Goethe and the minister John Wesley.

Wealth, Success and the Subconscious MindOne does not become rich by saying “I am a millionaire”. You have to develop “wealth consciousness” and get rid of “poverty struck mindset” in order to attract wealth. Once you believe you deserve wealth, your subconscious mind will act accordingly. You must believe in the idea as if it is your right to be rich. You are here to live a life of happiness and abundance. Your work must benefit entire humanity. You cannot have wealth by malpracticing. Choose the work you love rather than the one that simply pays you high.

If you are happy and satisfied with your work, you are already successful. Visualise positive outcomes only. Every problem has a solution. Surrender to your subconscious mind and let it take you closer to your dreams.


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