The this opportunity could better my personality.

                TheUM Howards Hughes Medical Institute Summer Research Program for Miami Dade Collegewould be a great asset in my academic career. I believe that being part of thisproject will provide me the skills, strength in my personality, experience and knowledgethat not only it would be a benefit in my undergraduate education, but for the restof my life.                                 While I was part in the BSC2010Lab research project at my current institution, Miami Dade College, I got towork with a nematode named Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans).

At that time, Idid not know how efficient and important these worms are in Modern Research.Nevertheless, after months of working with them and putting in practice thescientific knowledge gained in every procedure, I got fascinated by theirtypes, body structures, behavior at different circumstances and importance inthe research of human diseases, such as Cancer. My team and I completed aproject about the different effects of temperature in C. elegans’ Egg Laying.

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Though, I believe I still have more to learn about C.elegans, this is why Iwould love to work within this field.  However,my research interests extend more than this subject. It is my hope that throughother programs I can test different waters in the fields of science that would helpme determine which path to follow in my graduate education.                 I believe this program will helpme expand my scientific knowledge and further my laboratory education. Beyondmy educational plans however, it is my hope that this opportunity could bettermy personality. As a first-generation college student, I know the path ahead ofme will not be easy, but I know that with my perseverance, motivation anddesire to study the scientific world, I will achieve all my goals.

Definitively, this program will build up a better and more thoughtfulindividual, capable to work hard and focus to achieve my goals.                 The UM Howard Hughes MedicalInstitute Summer Research Program for Miami Dade College students would be theperfect undergraduate research program for me, and could be a great benefit tomy vocational endeavors. My expectations are that this program will be acatalyst in my plans to achieve my educational goals and will exposure myselfto new fields of science, knowledge and leadership. Additionally, this programwill allow me to make relationships and networking within the scientific field,besides of been led by prepared mentors who would inspire me every day to workharder to achieve academic and professional success. Also, as an aspiringtransfer student to the University of Miami, it is my hope to get acquaintancewith its surroundings and education methods.             As a sophomore undergraduatestudent, I was privileged to participate in a great Research Project designedfor Miami Dade College students engaged in STEM courses and sponsored by TheHoward Hughes Medical Institute.

Being part of this unforgettable assignment havegiven me the opportunity to learn and gain experience in the research field.Coming into this position, I did not have no plans of pursuing research as acareer nor did I know what to expect from it. However, after working on myresearch project with my peers, I learned how important scientific research isas a field and got captivated by the many opportunities of professional andpersonal satisfaction it provides. Now, I am reconsidering if my futureoccupation should consist of earning my MD/Ph.D. rather than just the MD Ioriginally planned.


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