The many definitions for theism, but one

The Theism versus Atheism discussion has been debated for several years and I admit to being a part of such discussions in the past. There are many definitions for theism, but one of the best and clearest definitions is by Paul Draper, whom defined it as “the belief that God exists” (1). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined atheism as, “a lack of belief or a strong disbelief in the existence of a god or any gods” (atheism). Since the debate between theists and atheists has been disputed for several years, many persons have presented convincing arguments on the topic and might have caused some believers, non-believers and agnostics to change their point of view.

These discussions of theism and atheism have vastly grown in both the online platforms and the literature world, resulting in great conflict between users and readers respectively. I am a selective YouTube user; therefore numerous videos I watch contain serious debates pertaining to theism versus atheism, therefore I frequently notice these conflicts. The Greeks created the word “theism”, meaning God but the first known use of theism was by Ralph Cudworth in 1617 (Wikipedia).

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