The OIC urged the UN to recognize

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been going on for quite a while because of the differences of views between both of them. This conflict began in 1948 when Israel declared its independence. Then, the conflict grew until 2011 the OIC made peace efforts to curb the conflict that occurred.

This conflict is also due to the unfair division of power between Israel and the Palestinians. This conflict is also due to the unfair division of power between Israel and the Palestinians.1The United Nations, which is a world institution organization, can not even prevent the conflict.

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Then, Israel surrounded Gaza strip ranging from land, sea, and the air. In this case, many people in the Gaza Strip are suffering from hunger and the UN is judged to be slow in dealing with this conflict.2In 1969, the burning of Al-Aqsa Mosque took place and made Muslim countries move to create an OIC organization to defend the Muslims in the world. The purpose of the establishment of the OIC namely, to resolve the conflict that occurred between Israel-Palestine.

The OIC is fighting for Palestinian independence to become an independent and sovereign nation.3 Preserving the United Islamic stand in favour of a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue in accordance with the OIC resolutions and the decisions of the UN and international legitimacy, emphasizing the central character of  providing protection for the heritage and sanctities of Al-Quds, and defending its Arabo-Islamic identity, Empowering the Palestinian people, consolidating their resistance and defending all their fundamental rights: political, social, civil, economic and cultural, and working with the international community in order to compel Israel to put an end to its settlement activities and to dismantle the settlements inside the Palestinian territories.4On July 2011, the OIC urged the UN to recognize the status of Palestinian sovereignty. The UN is considered slow in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so OIC make the role to resolve that conflict.

There are several peace efforts made by the OIC to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. First, the role of the OIC in the peace efforts against the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that it has held meetings such as the Extraordinary Summit, the lobbying of the UN Security Council, and several other attempts.5The Extraordinary Summit resulted in a “Safe Declaration” as a part of the solidarity to the people of Palestine. Then, to complete “Safe Declaration”, Egypt and Jordan as part of the OIC proposed a peace proposal containing calls to stop acts of violence, the withdrawal of Israeli forces in Palestinian territories, the disbursement of Palestinian funds in Israeli banks, the obedience of UN resolutions No. 242 and 3386, development of Jewish settlement is getting the push and the establishment of a committee composed of the United States (US), Russia, the European Union, Egypt and Jordan which aims to help Israel and the Palestinians reach a peace agreement.7Second, OIC agreed to boycott Israeli production goods.

Production goods will boycott only goods produced in illegal settlements. The peace efforts were undertaken by the OIC subsequently is goods produced in illegal settlements are called for boycott by Islamic countries as a solidarity of the Islamic state for Palestine.8 1 Muhsin Muhammad Shaleh.

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