The the old system, it is determined that

Thepresent change in the Philippines’ educational framework, K to 12 Programcovers Kindergarten and 12 years of Basic Education: 6 years of primaryeducation, 4 years of Junior High School and 2 years of Senior High School. Forfurther understanding, Philippines is the lastnation in Asia to implement K to 12 Program. We are also one of the only threenations, along with Djibouti and Angola, worldwide that undergoes 10-yearpre-university. K to 12 Program was implemented on May 15, 2013 through thesigned of former President Benigno Aquino III. Moreover, Department ofEducation also stated that this 12-year Program is the most approximated periodto be educated under basic education and it is the standard for students andprofessional worldwide. Philippines need the K—12 education system because as what isbeing said, we are the last country in Asia who has a 10-year pre-universitycycle.

There is a need to implement this curriculum since this is theinternational education standard as practiced by all nations. With the oldsystem, it is determined that Filipino students were consistently behind onachievement scores. In addition to that, Filipinos are known to be competitive globally,however, our current education system hampers us in becoming more competitiveamong other countries.Philippinesforesee this curriculum as a solution to the conflicts and development of thenation’s educational system. This is because the Senior High School graduatesare already expected to be equipped with knowledge and experience of theirfield of expertise. They are also expected to do something for the Philippineeconomical and societal development.

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On the other hand, there are different obstacles thatthwarts the belief of having a productive development of the nation if K – 12Program will be implemented. For instance, government mind about the financesof constructing buildings, classrooms, and facilities to provide. Also, thenumber of teachers are lacking to teach the sudden approach of the K to 12students (Grades 11 & 12). Though the government faces manycomplications as it implements the program over the course of several years, itis a necessary improvement since increasing the quality of our education iscritical to our nation’s success. Inspite of that, greater opportunities lie ahead within the K to 12 graduates.

Since they are vested with an international standard of education practiced byall nations, they are given a better opportunityof learning things that they can use to begin their career. Uniquely, K-12program was implemented to support and help pre-college students enhance theknowledge to join the work force even when they don’t have a college degree.If we talk about employment, a bigger and greater chancesalso await for the Senior High graduates.

Asa matter of fact, they can specialize in a ground that they are good at, fondof and interested in. For this reason, when they graduate, they will have thespecific job-related skills they need without taking up a college degree. Whenthey graduate in Senior High School, they will be already 18 years old,employable – “adding to the nation’s manpower”.Surely,K to 12 program helps the Senior High graduate students influence thedevelopment of nation building especially in terms of education. The K to 12 curriculum is designed to give a holisticeducation for all. Now decongested, it will give students sufficient time tomaster basic academic skills as well as to join in co-curricular and communityactivities.

With this mind, the Senior High graduates who will proceed tohigher education will be more equipped with knowledge. And as soon as theygraduate in college, they will be a more strengthened individuals who willinfluence the community and the society not just in educational enhancement butalso to the development of the economy.These are the opportunities and effects being highlighted onthe implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum. These are believed to be achievedwhen 2018 comes.

Many were sacrificed because of the implementation of the K-12program but believe it or not, this is a key to make our country arise and beparalleled to the countries internationally.I am a first batch of the K to 12Program in the Philippines. I, being a graduating Senior High student, haveperceived that there is really a great hope and future waiting for us when wego to higher education or proceed to employment after our Senior High Schoolgraduation. I visualize that this is a stepping stone to every Filipinostarting from our batch to promote change in our country, community, andsociety.Above all, Senior High has a massiveand vital role in the globalization because they are vested with greateropportunities to change one’s family, one’s nation, and one’s life. A brightertomorrow will embrace them as soon as they  


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