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The parable of the two sons is about two sons whose father owns a vineyard. The Father tells the brothers to go work in his vineyard. One tells his father that he will but doesn’t do it, while the other brother tells his father that he won’t go but ends up working all day in the vineyard. Jesus then asks the crowd when is telling the parable which of the two did the work the father demanded.

The disciples say the one who worked, even though he told his he wouldn’t work. Jesus tells the Pharisees and Seduces in his audience that tax collectors and prostitutes are will enter the kingdom of God before they will. The people who look the least religious or perform son un religious acts will enter God’s kingdom ahead of self-righteous religious leaders, because, when it counts they do the will of God. The moral of the parable reminds us that actions speak louder than words and that God sees all good and evil that we do.A manager had two software designers that designed many games and applications for him. One day, the manger was given an order to design a new social media app.

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He asked one of his software designers to come in a help design the app, but the designer faked sick to get out of coming to work. Fortunately, the designer deicide to finish the project at home. The manager, disappointed that his first designer wasn’t coming into work, asked his second designer if he  could come in to pickup the slack of the other designer. He promised he would be there but skipped instead.

The Manager was very disappointed in the second designer and fired him the next day. He was very proud of the first designer and decided to give him a pay raise.The leaders that Jesus would have spoken to could be compared to the initially obedient son. To others, they looked like God’s perfect followers. They appeared to be obedient, doing God’s will and to always put God first, and in fact this is how they taught so many others to act. They were reality, disobedient to God, their hearts and minds were distant from God, their motivations were the rights to brag over their students and peers, they rejected the message of God, and did not live lives that pleased GodThe tax collectors and prostitutes that Jesus was speaking to could be compared to the initially wrongful son.

Tax collectors of Jesus’ time were known for cheating, stealing and being dishonest. Tax collectors and prostitutes committed sins against God and others openly. But many of them, after hearing the message God spoken by Jesus, felt remorse and repented, Unlike their religious leader peers. They turned to God, followed Jesus, and started living lives that were obedient to God. Just like the ultimately obedient son in the parable, they started out saying no to God, but they later repented and did what they knew they were supposed to do – living lives that were pleasing to God.  


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