The necessary outcome to permit humans to

TheApprehend of therole of human error in related accident or incident isactually totally all completely different from merely attributing such anoccurrence to associate inherently fallible human operator.

Human error hasbeen diversely characterized as any member of a gaggle of human actions thatexceeds some limit of satisfactoriness, any act or inaction that exceeds thetolerances written by the system thereupon the human interacts, thefailure to understand associate supposed outcome on the manner facet theinfluence of random incidence, a necessary outcome to permit humans toexplore and perceive systems operators social information ofresponsibility and values. These definitions convey themany-sided nature of human error. chiefly, however, they recommend the2 complementary proposals that human operators unit of measurement organicmechanisms with failure rates and tolerances analogous to hardware/softwarecomponents of a system, that human error is additionally associate degreeuncomplimentary term for ancient human behavior in usually unkind environments,wherever solely the highest result determines if this behavior is injurious.These three views also are mirrored at intervals the three major approachesdeveloped to handle human error in accident and incident analyses humanreliability assessment and human error.     

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