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The year of the Hangman by Gary Blackwood explores the idea of what could’ve happened had George Washington and the patriots had lost the American Revolutionary War. Although the facts are not historically correct, the story is well written and will be of interest to many readers as you can follow a boy named Creighton through an alternate reality that sets the scene of what could’ve happened after the British won the revolutionary war. This novel will captivate audiences of many ages and propel them to learn about the colonies if the Americans didn’t successfully win the war.This story is placed in the year 1777, and follows the story of a middle-aged boy that is named Creighton who is an extremely spoiled, dilettante, and impolite boy. Creighton’s bad behavior gets him kidnapped by his uncle and sent to the Americas to try to learn To be respectful and humble.  Throughout this book, he meets many historical figures such as: Benjamin Franklin, Benedict Arnold, Peter (Arnold’s bodyguard), Sophie (Franklin’s maid), Lieutenant Hale (Colonel Gower’s bodyguard) and Colonel Gower (Creighton’s Uncle). Throughout the story, it was hard not to get emotionally involved from being agitated at Creighton for being extremely disrespectful, to grieving with the impactful historical figures while they were stuck in their situations. Although, the story did include unnecessary details that were extraordinarily lengthy         Blackwood uses protagonist versus antagonist to place Creighton in a difficult position which makes him have internal conflict between struggling to doing the right thing, or to put his friends in danger. Creightons snarky comments at different parts of the text can be A little much sometimes, but his story is interesting enough to keep you captivated. He uses a rich portrayal of the country’s different interests to show the conflicts between the colonies, and the complex situation at hand which is often overlooked by the focus on the Patriot’s rebellion.  The plot is clearly written, and you can see Creightons stuck-up character develop into a gentleman that doesn’t get bothered by small things anymore.


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