The presentations can really impact the feelings of

The perspective of many historical finds can impact the outcome of how people react to the findings or presentations. The way that people say things can change the reactions of the people that read or hear what others have found. Biased presentations can really impact the feelings of the people receiving the news.I think that that people shouldn’t state their opinions in their research. They should avoid sharing what they think, because of the fact that others own opinions can change when they hear something that sounds convincing. The most important person that can have an impact on the whole country or nation is the president. When he gives his inauguration speech, it can have a lot of damage on a lot of people. It goes the same for senators or other important figures of this country.If a president was to say racial slurs or downgrading women such as Trump did, most of the people will start to think that it is ok. It is a very vital part of being a leader to set the right example for those who look up to you. The worst way to set the wrong idea is to be biased in your speech. People can’t show that they side on one side of the problem or situation, because it will bring outburst or anger.Historic events could have had a way different outcome if people used biased speeches. For example, if President Bush would have said that he thought Jews did the attacks on the world trade center, it would have caused anger and hate.  The most important part of a presentation is to state facts, so the public doesn’t think you are in favor of something.In the end, most of the things that have caused anger or comfort were due to biased things. A presentation in public is the most important part of having a group learn something. In history, most of the things that were presented could have been edited with what they believed if they wouldn’t have stated facts to back it up. 


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