The the environmental friendly energy sources available today.

The ecological status is a concerning phenomenon for the global population. One of the most crucial issues in the context of the ecosystem is the source of energy.

Although Vietnam depends on fossil fuels and coal, however, due to the significant resource exploitation leading to the depletion of resources in recent years, therefore the government actively supports renewable sources which are solar energy and wind power to deal with the problem Wind energy is the kinetic energy of air moving through the Earth’s atmosphere. Using wind power is one of the earliest ways of extracting energy from the natural environment. It has plentiful benefits in providing clean renewable energy to countries around the world.

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First of all, wind energy is both renewable and sustainable which is never run out, different from the earth’s fossils fuel reserves such as coal, oil, and gas. In addition, it is one of the environmental friendly energy sources available today. After the manufacture and installation of wind turbines, there will be zero pollution generated. Besides, because of the inexhaustible fuel source and low running cost, wind power is a viable option to generate cheap electricity. Moreover, generating electricity from wind energy reduces the need to burn fossil fuel alternatives. This can help to conserve diminishing supplies of the earth’s natural resources, allow them to last longer in order to support future generations.

Apart from the benefits, it also has drawbacks when utilizing wind power. Although costs are decreasing over time, the installation of a wind turbine is considered pricey. As a site survey will need to be carried out which may include a sample turbine to measure wind speeds over a significant period of time.

All of these processes will contribute to the total cost of installing a wind turbine. One of the most popular disadvantages of wind turbines is the noise pollution that they generate, has ruined the lives of inhabitants. By using wind energy to generate electricity which is helping to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel alternatives such as coal, oil, and gas.Most renewable energy comes either directly or indirectly from the sun, and solar energy is no exception. It is produced when the sun is shining during the day and supplement to wind energy. As well as a wind power, solar energy also has pros and cons. Solar energy is an inexhaustible fuel source that makes it be one of the most sustainable energy sources available to human.

Furthermore, solar panels cause no pollution which creates environmentally friendly to produce electricity. Pollution is produced during the manufacturing and transportation of solar panels, however, once they work, it will help to offset these effects by providing a source of clean electricity. Not only can solar energy be used to generate electricity, it also has a number of other uses.

By using a different design of solar panel, solar energy can be used to help heat a buildings water supply. In addition, noise is also reduced when solar panels are installed and produce electricity. Conversely, the cons will have when to utilize solar energy. The initial cost of installing a residential solar energy system can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Another key disadvantage is that it only occurs during daylight hours. Solar panels cannot generate electricity during the night, making them in effect useless when it’s dark. This disadvantage is further influenced by seasonal fluctuations in daylight hours. Solar energy systems often require a large footprint in order to provide an adequate source of power to a home or business. Compared with other renewable energy technologies, solar energy systems have the largest footprint for the power that is generated. In Vietnam, the use of solar energy is more common as it provides more pros than cons. Utilizing solar energy to reduce your energy bill.

The average cost of electricity generation is about 2500 VND / KWh and has increased by about 7% per year. It is estimated that an average household will use about 3500KWh per year. A typical solar system can provide over 50% of this demand. In addition, using solar energy can protect against future electricity price hike.

Along with the economic development, this increase will be large. Solar systems can be designed so that a household’s electricity needs are met in whole or in part. This can eliminate or reduce dependency on the power supply network.In conclusion, it is clear that renewable energy plays an important role in both human and environment.

 Besides, renewable energy also brings many positive impacts to protecting the environment, diminishing effects of global warming or pollutions. Despite some drawbacks of the energy, there are also reasons to believe the problems will be solved soon


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