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The definition of Job description job description is simply summarize job’s duties andrequirements, and states the essential responsibilities of the job. jobdescriptions can take many forms but they are typically have at least fourparts:Job summary : this is an overview of the position,with brief description of the most important functions, because this will bethe first thing applicant read.

List of job function:  this section comes with more detaileddescription of duties.Requirements section : list of important requirementslike education, certification , and experience necessary to do the job.Other information : this section should provide anyother important information about the job position such as location, workinghours, travel requirements and so on.’book “job description handbook”by Margie mader-clark’The benefit of using job descriptionwhen it is the time to create newposition , job description make the task easy in hiring and interviewing theright person. It let the employees know exactly what they have to do in theirjob. Job description help in determine what kind of  training employee needs to perform better andimprove the employees morale .

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Measure future performance. Job descriptionhelping in terminate the employees who do not perform their job as it is , andkeep the employees who perform their job well. Job description help the companyplan for the future.  The use of job description (marketing)job description sometimesconsidered as usual document for new staff , subsequently put in desk drawersand largely forgotten.

over the time jobs change, duties change or disappear.but the original job description stay the same not updated.clearly job descriptions designedto the particular objectives for which they are to be used, are an importantelements in three personnel processes in each of which they serve several aims, these processes are: 1-      Selection, recruitment and induction 2-      Performance management 3-      Job evaluation  Jobdescription for selection , recruitment and induction :1-     to provide information necessary in determining theselection criteria2-     tell the applicant about the nature of the job 3-     ensure that the new staff understand the main purpose ofthe job and its position in the organization. 


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