The on March 14, 1918, the USS Cyclops

             The Bermuda Triangle  is also known as the” Deadly Triangle” or “Devil’sTriangle”, it  has been blamed forhundreds of shipwrecks, plane crashes, mysterious disappearances, craftinstrument malfunctions (www. and other unexplained phenomena.            The Bermuda Triangle goes between Miami,Florida, Bermuda and San Juan, Puerto Rico. For many years there has been manyunexplained theories behind disappearing planes and ships.Flight19 disappeared in 1945.   Flight 19 had 5 planes that went missing, theywere last heard from at 4pm.

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  There wasno trace of the plane.  (Boys’ Life June2003). A search was conducted for 5 days and that plane went missing also.

  1815 was the first disappearance of aship the USS Epervier that a crew of 134 disappeared.  The second disappearance was the USS Cyclopswith a crew of 309 that set sail on March 14, 1918, the USS Cyclops was neverseen again. Hubert Helligar in October of2000 was another disappearance with no explanation. It is believed that weathercaused Helligar to disappear.Thereis also scientific explanations of the disappearances in the BermudaTriangle.  The theory is Methane Hydratescauses the disappearances by it building pressure in the water and it blows upcausing a pressure mass.(http://mysite.du.

edu/~jcalvert/econ/hydrates.htm) This  may explain why there is never any traces ofany vessels, planes, or humans.Anothertheory behind the Bermuda Triangle disappearances is Weather. One iscalled   “Hurricane Alley” which islocated in the Atlantic Ocean.   It is believed to be like a hurricane.

Theseareas have warm sea surfaces, minimal wind, and atmospheric disturbances thatmay attribute to some of the disappearances. In conclusion, the Bermuda Triangle is neither scientificallyexplained or a phenomenon, it is a mystery that will probably never be solved.  The Bermuda Triangle has had more than 70ships and planes and hundreds of people missing. Only time andmore research will tellif it can be scientifically explained or a phenomenon. Staff. “Bermuda Triangle.” History.

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