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The increasingdemand for quality public services is clear in many countries around the world.

There are incredible changes happening to the government’s approach to providing infrastructure to thepublic, as the world is facing challenges of modernization, globalization andrestructuring of national economies. The public private partnership providescompetitive and transparent mechanisms to pursue opportunities that bringtogether the ideas, experiences and skills of both sectors, and develop creativesolutions to meet a community’s needs, expectations and aspirations.  Egypt is moving more seriously into using the partnership with theprivate sector in many projects and areas to offer a new source of investment capital andfinancing, reduce sovereign borrowing and associated risks, and reduce theburden on the budget. There is a general agreement with researchers andprofessionals that one of the major difficulties to promote improvement inconstruction companies is the lack of proper performance measurements. Thisevaluation is required to identify and measure in a quantitative manner thesuccess from many perspectives, not only the financial and profitability pointsof view.  Also, measuring performancehelps an organization identify the areas that require attention andimprovement, giving them a chance to take the necessary corrective actions or improvementplans. A questionnaire survey was conducted to identify the important indicesfor choosing key performance indicators on PPP projects.

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With 60 responses received,the prioritization of KPI areas has been satisfactorily instituted. Theresearch output will contribute to improving the existing but limited knowledgeof PPP performance measurement in developing countries, especially Egypt, byproviding a framework for selecting KPIs to measure the PPP concessionaireperformance. It is expected that government and policymakers adopt an evaluationsystem for concessionaire selection based on their recorded performance. Thefollowing are a summary of the findings and conclusions of this research:KPIs for PPP projects are classified to three maincategories which are functional, operational and professional.Economic sub-category gets the first rank of prioritizing functionalKPI sub-categories, monitoring the effects of PPP projects to monetary issuesfollowed by Innovation and learning. Environmental.

sub- category gets thethird ranking, followed by social KPIs. Customer satisfaction on service gets the highest rank of overall assessment for thecomponents of functional KPIs. Thesecond rank of importancewas given to life cycle cost, followed by profitability. Mechanical and electrical components get the firstprioritization of the professional KPIs followed by the civil and structural (C&S) components. Usually,the most difficult part in a project from the professional point of view is theelectromechanical works.

Construction components represented the highest rank of operationalKPIs, which reflect a high level of agreement by the respondents on the problems faced inconstruction projects.Expert interviews concluded that incorporating KPIs on PPP isfeasible to be applied toEgypt, at least partially right now and fully later after the assessment of theprivate concessionaire. Consistent monitoring, and strict implementation shouldbe performed to ensure the success of KPIs for Egypt PPP projects.

KPI’s could be used by the Egyptian PPP Central Unit to rankEgyptian companies, like many developed countries do, which considersperformance as the main basis for a contractor’s evaluation and gives a positive impact onusing KPI’s in all the Egyptian companies. The implementation needs a strongsystem to collect a real performance data of all companies and issue periodically,classification manuals for company’s categorization. The overall results prove an awareness of the constructionplayers has developed forachieving the requiredprofitability to sustaining environmentinterest where the environmental have been prioritized as the thirdsub-category in the functional KPIs. The same is also shown for innovationand learning, including its component technology transfer which gets the secondrank. Future work onkey performance indicators based on this work is creating prediction models to anticipatethe performance of PPP projects based on the results measured at any phase of the project life cycle.


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