The boat up and working. Instructed by the

The first character out of the four men is the Correspondent, he is a reporter and mainly the Character of the story. He is a strong, doubtless and hard working man. .

The Captain is a calm and quiet guy, he mostly speaks to give directions and lead his crew to shore. The Captain is an the overall authority, and he takes the full responsibility of getting everyone to safety. He is always alert and relaxed even when it doesn’t seem like it.

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The ship’s cook, who maintains a positive, even though he has a lack of experience with the men’s rescue. Although lacks requirements to help with rowing the boat. The oiler is a loyal, hard-working, obedient, friendly and nice man to the Correspondent and Captain whenever he is asked to row or work. The Oiler is also the most realistic among all the men. He is never caught off task at hand or in a thin situation of survival. Each man worked hard to bring the boat up and working. Instructed by the captain, they work hard doing the jobs assigned The Correspondent has the most dominant perspective within the story. The character I feel the most sympathy is the cook because he lacks experience in emergency situations and other important on board skills.

The text “If I am going to be drowned.” this texts gave a more straightforward view on the story, my understanding of the story became more clear after reading this specific texts because it gives an idea of death among one of the men or maybe even all of them by drowning towards the end. The author is trying to show the men’s fate of coming so far from the ocean.The ship they were all on sank overnight, leaving them to be the only survivors left to row up and down in the waves until their small boat turns over. The ocean rages to a were only one insensitive move will upset the small boat causing them to sink into the cold waters. Each man hasn’t slept for about two days but they still manage to work hard to keep the boat afloat. The correspondent and the Oiler, both row the boat, and the cook is on the floor of the boat.

After being injured during the shipwreck the captain guides these men. The outcome of the overall scenario was the oilers death.The death of the Oiler was an unfair expectation and outcome. He was a hard-working, obedient, loyal man.

It was a very ironic turn-out because of his workmanship towards the crew. His service provided a long distance for the crew’s survival.


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