The Ten Most Influential First Ladies

A First lady being the wife of a president has roles to carry out in a nation.

Depending on her interests she has the right to choose what she would like to be involved with in her husband’s leadership. In the United States there have been first ladies and their popularity depended on the roles they have played in the nation. Most of them have used their position to put an impact in the society. This paper will look at the top ten influential first ladies in the United States and their impact in the nation.

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Hillary Clinton is one of the influential first ladies. She was born in1947 and got married to Bill Clinton in 1975. She had interest in implementation of policies especially in health care section and she worked fully towards her interest. She fought for women and children welfare. She became a junior senator after his husbands’ term. In 2008 she ran for the presidency but later stepped down and supported Barrack Obama. She is now the secretary of state. Michelle Robinson is a first lady and the wife of the current president of United States.

She is known for her love to all people and has shown interest in assisting working and military families. Rosalynn Carter is another influential first lady who was born in 1927and got married to Jimmy Carter in 1946. She is known for participating in many cabinet meetings and always stood for mental health issues. Betty Ford was the wife of Gerald Ford. She emphasized on equal rights amendment and legalization of abortion. She openly spoke out her personal experiences on breast cancer and how she went through the treatment. She involved her self in creating awareness on breast cancer.

Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of Franklin Roosevelt. She was influential and inspiring. She emphasized on education to all. Another influential first lady was Jacqueline Kennedy who was born in 1929. She was the wife of John Kennedy. She was associated with fashion and dignity. Abigail Fillmore was the wife of Millard Fillmore. She was known for teaching her husband.

She participated in formation of the white house library by selecting books to be stored in it after it was designed. There was no library before in the white house. Sarah Polk was the wife of James K. Polk. She wrote speeches and wrote correspondences for him.

She also used entertained officials. Dolley Madison was a first lady and wife of James Madison. She valued the white house treasures and saved them during the war of 1812 to protect them when the white house was destroyed. Barbara Pierce was the wife of George H.W. Bush.

She was loved by all for her support of events such as AIDS awareness, education and homelessness.


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