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The mostdifficult task for a young state after proclaiming its independence is to preserveit and to become a stable nation. Usually, nations fail to do so due to suchfactors as unstable political situation, the absence of powerful legislation,poor economic situation, weak martial law etc.

The US managed to cope withthese difficulties and thus was able to become a stable nation.First ofall, the victory in the American Revolutionary War and establishment of theindependent state created favorable conditions for rapid economic developmentof the United States. The USA managed to establish commerce with the rest ofthe world and capitalism began to rapidly develop in the country (Channing,176). This was facilitated by natural conditions: a mild climate, fertile land,abundance of forests etc. In addition, the constant influx of immigrants fromEurope contributed to the cultivation of the new lands and development ofindustry. The relatively safe position of the country beyond the ocean made itpossible to dispense with large military expenditures.

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Secondly,as a result of the constitutional reform of 1786-1791 the missing organs offederal government were created (Jayapalan, 20). After gaining independence theUS used the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union as its main law,however the federal government acting under the Articles remained weak andoften lacked the full powers to collect taxes and resolve disputes between thestates. For this reason, in 1787 the convention of Philadelphia took place andestablished the Constitution of the United States (Jayapalan, 20). As a result,this document became the basic law of the new state and strengthened the US in itslegal personality.Thirdly,America’s power was determined by its geographical position: remoteness fromthe European continent, the absence of strong neighboring states and a largeterritory.

The latter was achieved gradually, step by step, but the USexpansion began already after the War of Independence. Believing in ManifestDestiny Americans gradually began to settle and/or seize neighboringterritories, forcing the indigenous population either to assimilate or to wagewar (Adams, 8).Takingeverything mentioned above into consideration, economic growth, governmentalreform and establishment of the Constitution, as well as convenientgeographical position and acquisition of the new territories promoted the USbecoming a stable nation.


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