The wants and to convince the young people

The target audience for advert A, which is about SEIKO female watch are the classic and young women who believes that the best moments in life are the times you spend for yourself and the ones who wants to have a simple but sharp looking. Also women from every nationality and skin colour. Whereas advert B is about the male Rolex watch and the target audience of this ad are obviously different from advert A, advert B target audience are the young men with over confidence and the ones who are trying to be a leader. Purpose Both advertisement are about watches and they both have same purpose, which is to convince their target audience.

One of the ads represent the female SEIKO watch and another present the male Rolex watch. Therefore, the purpose of the both advertisement A and B is to encourage their target audience to feel the way that the company wants and to convince the young people to spend their money to buy women classic ‘SEIKO’ and men newest ‘ROLEX’ watches so they can rich their market and Context Advertisement A is a poster at SEIKO watch store, which can be find in Melbourne, Australia. However, advertisement B, which is about the men Rolex watch, is from Rolex jeweller magazine in New York that comes out weekly.Persuasive techniques in the advertisement AImages have the really strong impertion on the audience. The image used is a powerful persuasive technique in SEIKO watch advert. The advert uses a clear image of a female model wearing the newest SEIKO watch as a symbolic that this ad is about the female watch. The new SEIKO phenomena which has the sharp and fresh design is specifically designed for every women from every nationality and for the one who are really care about their look to be perfect. The theme of the poster is grey to show the old classic style and look simple but unique.

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It is celebrating ‘believe, criteria chronograph for women and Elegance of the item’. There some women who wants to look simple and confidence but attractive in the same time. The female model is look so simple with the simple style but it attracts the audience with Elegance. This advertisement appeals to the emotion of believe and confidence of taking time to spend for yourself. Whereas, in advert B, which is about the male Rolex watch and as you can see and feel this advertisement has the great imperetion on you and target audience by the way it has been designed and the colours that has been chosen. Also the order of the powerful words. The advert uses a really good picture of the Roger Federer who is the most Iconic tennis player champion in history and he is wearing that black and gold phenomenon male watch, which gave him the leader and bossy style. In addition, it has the great imperesure to convince the young male because it says that this phenomenon make you feel like the master of the court, mentor and world number 1 role model which these are qualification that each guy wants to have or be.

The theme of this advert was and still very modern because it was designed in 2014. This advertisement appeals to the emotion of power, trust and confidence because of the theme colours and style of the model.


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