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The continuous growth of number ofweb applications and the increment in the technology sector have made quiteeasy for the travelers to go anywhere with just one click.

The improvement inthe e-commerce or mobile commerce sites related with flight and hotel search havemade the positive influence for the easiness and simplicity to the users. Inaddition to this, it has also proved that there is quite a competitiveness inthe development of websites and various flight and hotel search applicationwhich provides the best class performance to the end users. The best classperformance defines the nature in terms of cost, time, distance and properfacility of both the flights and hotels. Although, there might arise somequestions that there are already the existing platforms or the websites relatedwith hotel and flight booking  likeExpedia, Trip advisor, Kayak, Priceline, Google and so on. And all of thesewebsites are not 100% accurate to provide the expected outcomes to the endusers, which lacks some drawbacks related to providing both the facility alongwith best price in a short time frame. So, to overcome these limitations wehave researched with number of algorithms and based on that research we havecome across with the new idea for the simplicity and benefits of end users.Thus, the main target of this project is to providesingle end solution to customers, for an effective way of the flight and hotelbooking at best price in a short time, constrained to the flexibility of theirdemands. 1.

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1MotivationOnline flight booking system is oneof the best services of airlines industry and it is also the challenging partfor providing better service facility. Most of the flight booking agencies andairlines provide discounts and cheap rates to attract more customers. But dueto deficient communication of these discount deals and cheap rates, customersoften end up missing these opportunities.

And same is the case with booking ofhotels. This issue arises because current online booking systems are not smartenough to recommend better deals to customers according to their demands.However, best deals can be tailored corresponding to customer’s demands with alittle bit of flexibility and recommended to customer for their benefit. Thus,this project aims at providing the satisfactory result to the end users interms of effective flight along with hotel booking giving priority to bestprice in a short time frame, meeting the demands of customers.  1.2Project AimDuring the period of our researchand study, we have charted some qualitative and quantitative points for theeffective solution of the customer based application.  Criteria Qualitative Quantitative Purpose Develop a platform where user can avail the flight and hotel booking services at best price instantly. Develop a hybrid application, which provides flight searching facility based on user’s provided filters and results the cheapest flights and hotels available within user constraints.

Sample Study Smaller and not randomly selected. Larger and randomly selected. Type of Data Collection Words, images or objects. Numbers and statistics Form of Data Collection Qualitative data such as open-ended response, interview, client’s or user demands, field notes. Precise measurements using structured and validated data collection instruments based on quantitative data.

Analysis Flight and hotel availability, features and themes. Identification of the statistical relationship.     Research type   Researcher and their preferences may be known to client or user in the study and client or user characteristics may be known to researcher. Researcher and their preferences may be known to client or user in the study and client or user characteristics are hidden from the researcher.

 Outcome Specialized or particular development for required system. Generalized findings that can be applied to systematic way.  


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