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The concept of symmetry is shownat the beginning of the renaissance in Italy. I will give a different structureat the same period.

Santa Maria Novella was constructed at the beginnings of15th century in Florence, Italy. Architectural Gothic style was utilized. Whenwe look at the architectural concept, we can see the idea of symmetry of itsfacade. There are many symmetrical shapes, figures on it within a distinctrule. The architect took advantage of the golden ratio while placing the motifsor shapes on the face.

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Every element was composed with reference to goldenratio and that’s why the beauty of its facade was read in terms of aestheticclearly like a crystal. There is a symmetry axis of the front surface. Eachpart is exactly the same with the other half. There is a name for  this type of symmetry, which is calledbilateral symmetry.

Likely, Baptistery San Giorgio can be a good example of howthe concept of symmetry affects the facade of the structure. We can say thatpointal symmetry was applied for the layout of the structure. Top of the domewas chosen as a point that composes the idea and then facades of the octagonalshape share almost same patterns and appearance.                            Axis of symmetry (Santa Maria Novella)                 Point of symmetry (Baptistery San Giorgio)Towards the 15th century, the conceptof symmetry in terms of frontality was still continued in Italy with referenceto renaissance. Many of examples move on this idea such as Basilica San Andresand also there are others from different cultures like Kubbet-us Sahra which isrelated with Islamic culture which the concept of symmetry was appreciated andits effect on the concept.As ? said that there are manycontemporary examples of the concept of symmetry and many architects who relyon that concept.

Eero Saarinen is one of them for contemporary architecture.His Ingalls Rink has a huge symmetrical framework in New Haven,US. The type ofsymmetry was planned according to an axis. Spaces that are inside of thestructure were composed again with reference to the concept. Another example ofthe concept is Lotus Tepmle from India. It was created to utilize the conceptof symmetry as a principle at 20th century.

There is a point that helps us tosense that every piece of the roof has same pureness, shape and also functionto form other minor symmetrical pieces of the roof.


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