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The study of pre-election speeches led us to conclude that they can be regarded as a definite text type which has its peculiar structure and intentional characteristics. This text type functions within the political discourse of many societal groups (countries which have the electoral principle of political system which makes the existence of such a text type necessary). The main peculiarities of the texts of pre-election speeches are as follows, – it contains special etiquette phrases; – it focuses upon the future; – the main intentional unit of a pre-election speech is a manipulative microtext; – it has two kinds of pre-planned perlocutionary effects (the contact perlocutionary effects which are achieved while actualizing basic manipulation targets and a distant perlocutionary effect which is achieved during the election process); – the most effective manipulation targets to achieve the pre-planned contact perlocutionary effects are those with some biological foundation (instincts, sensation peculiarities and basic emotions); – the most effective manipulation targets are universal (they are used by pre-election speech producers of different societal groups).

The main linguistic means of achieving the effects under study are supposed to be nominating lexemes and stimulus lexemes. Still, it is necessary to mention that the set of these means may be not limited to only lexical ones and needs further consideration.

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