The $740 million to Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South

The delegation of Zambia would first like to recognize its position in the decision of receiving aid from foreign countries; it is one that supports the idea that the whole country would benefit from aid. Foreign aid is “defined as the voluntary transfer of resources from one country to another country.” This may include the transfer of any flow of capital to developing countries. Zambia, a developing country in the world, does not have a strong industrial foundation and it is characterized by a low Human Development Index (HDI).

The thing that we must take into consideration is that foreign aid may be given as a signal of diplomatic approval, or to strengthen a military ally. Foreign aid is not simply giving off charity to a country, it is the bonding and strengthening o0f that country’s relationship with the corresponding nation. The primary type of aid that would help Zambia would be humanitarian aid, and medical aid to the country. This would not only benefit Zambia, but the countries offering aid. Zambia needs this aid at this time, due to the Cholera outbreaks occurring often. Most recently, January 10, of 2018. This type of aids should be in the form of charity almost, Doctors without Borders is “an international humanitarian non governmental organization best known for its projects in war torn regions and developing countries affected by diseases. If somehow this type of aid can be provided to Zambia, the country will not only become and ally, but it is a formidable and capable friends and potent power to reckon with as well.

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Development in the field of health and an emergence of strong countries has allowed a great gap between highly developed countries, versus low debeloped countries. For example, U.S.

has historically been and remains the leading donor of humanitarian assistance to the region. In response to the Africa’ call when they faced drought and subsequent famine in the summer of 2011, U.S.

aid programs provided $740 million to Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. It is fully consistent with American values to continue to respond vigorously and generously to emergencies in the region. This shows the requirement of in-depth reflection on further development of such trade and welfare programs. Sub-Saharan Africa, especially Zambia, is a region of great economic promise.

Foreign direct investment to sub-Saharan Africa amounted to more than global bilateral official development assistance in 2011. Zambia believes that it has made a fair solution, involving its own compromise. Zambia deems that the solution addresses the main problem. The best type of aid for Zambia at this time would be humanitarian aid.

It strongly believes that a holistic resolution can be achieved through the cooperation of international committees, and Zambia sincerely hopes that aid distribution should not only be for it, but neighboring countries in help.


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