The half of the boat already sank.

The story Titanic are narrated by an old women named Rose DeWitt Bukater stating her experiences on the Titanic and what event happened during her sailed. While sailing aboard the Titanic on the upper class level, she met a man named Jack Dawson who has a poor man who had won a ticket to sail Titanic by playing a poker. They fell for each other quickly when Jack save Rose life as she threatened to jump of the Titanic. Jack and Rose kept seeing each other on the boat even though her mother refuse Jack as she wants a rich man like Rose fiancé, Caledon Hockley. One night when they were having fun the Titanic hit a big iceberg and that is when the ship started to sink rapidly. Caledon hated Jack so much as he makes a way to stay off with Rose that he put an expensive jewelry in Jack’s pockets that looks like he stole it. The security took him in the lower levels and handcuffed him. Rose went to look for him and set him free with half of the boat already sank. They experience a lot of struggle before they reach on the deck of the ship where Rose was forced by her fiancé to ride on a small boat. Caledon was very angry because his fiancé was in love by another man as he tried to Kill Jack and Rose by pushing them in the lower levels of the sinking ship. When the ship sunk, Rose was lying on a floating door as Jack cannot get in because they were heavy to carry the door and they will sink both. Jack was getting frozen by the icy waters holding into the floating door as the reason him to die with too cold. Jack sacrifices himself for his love one as he wants Rose to live in a normal life to build a happy family. Even though Rose lost her true love, she will never have forgot Jack as those memories happened was implanted to her heart.


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