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“The Corset “ismy object which is “Ribbon corset” which I selectedfrom Victoria and Albert museum. Place of origin:EnglandDate: ca. 1895Artist/Maker: UnknownMaterials andTechniques: Silksatin ribbons, boning, metal fasteningsCredit Line: Given by MrsRapperMuseum number:T.18-1958Gallerylocation: Fashion,Room 40, case CA6       Dimensions:Circumference: 48 cm waist, 59 cmhip, Height: 28 cm front, Height: 19 cm back       Categories: Underwear; Fashion; Clothing;European Fashion Project      Ribboncorsets were recommended for slim women for summer. This one was worn by awoman from a merchant family living in Brazil: Fanny Harvey Fleetwood Rapper.

Whilethe upper edge of the corset lies under the bust, allowing more freedom ofmovement, the bones in the sides constrict the waist and those in the backreinforce an upright posture.  Corsetis incorporated usually in womenswear like Gowns, Evening dresses/party wear dresses, Wedding dresses Corsetis an undergarment that is worn to give a slim and a curvy figure to the bodyby reducing the waist and exaggerating the bust and the hips. It is an undergarment worn to holdand train the torso into a desiredshape. The corset gives a sense of sensuality and a glamorous lookwhich enhances the figure of a woman and helps to give an hourglass figure.

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 Britishand European women were the pioneers of the evolution of the corset which they woreas a garment and incorporated the use of a “busk,” along flat piece of whalebone or wood sewn into a casting on the corset tomaintain its stiff shape.It was steel boned hard body with metal eyelets, which may rust, so it was usuallykept away from the skin. In 1840s corsets were cut from separate pieces stitchedtogether to give roundness to the bust and shape over the hips. A broad buskwas inserted up the centre front of the corset to give a smooth line to thebodice of the dress. Strips of whalebone were also inserted up the back and sometimesdown the side and front, to give more structure. Corsets also had to be rigidto conceal the layers of underwear, including chemise, drawers and petticoat,which were worn underneath.”Waspie”was a corset which was used in the form of the waist clincher in 20thcentury.The waist clincher was restricted to haute couture, and most women continued to use girdles.

“Dior “and “New Look” used this to givethe hourglass figure.Presently, the corset is being used as an item of outerwear rather than underwear. Nowadayscorsets are designed and made of cotton, lawn, silk so they beneficial even ifthey are worn close to the skin.

Corset are made of fabric, metallic, ivory,cane and wood.Types of Corsets    Under bust Corsets: Begin right under the breasts and endat the beginning of your lap.    Over bust Corsets: Begin just under your arms and endabove the hips.    Bustiers    Flat-front style    Sweetheart neckline    Garters:to uphold the stockings or a separate belt may also be incorporated into acorset.Advantages ·      Corsets make the waist look thin while oversizing the hipsand bust.

·      It helps to temporarily achieve the attire and a body shapefor which we spent hours in the gym and to attain it people do immense workout.·      Corsets also reduce appetite by exerting abdominal pressureand losing body fat.·      It also gives support for those having lower back problems andgives support to the weak, injured back.·      Helps us to develop a good posture.’·      Corsets are also worn out in sexual fetishism in BDMSactivities. ·      Corsets helps one to improves the carriage and gives anequilibrium, confidence, high esteem. It provides elegance glamour style to theperson who wears a corset.  It depictsthe sense of fashion awareness, Status, style quotient and taste of the personwearing the corset.

Disadvantages·      Wearing corsets for prolonged time is a serious healthhazards like discomfort in breathing.·      Corsets is also responsible for many female problems ofVictorian era like fainting, fits, to miscarriage.·      Wearing extreme tight corsets have resulted in organdeformation like stomach and liver deformation.

Corset is an object which is worn by high end, wealthy andrich class of people as most of the Gowns, Dresses, wedding gowns by anyDesigner incorporates a corset in it to give a good fitting and comfort. The exhibition called”Underdress”- A Brief History Of Underwear’swas held in March 2017 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in Londonwhich featured the underwear and the cotton pants worn by Queen Victoria’s mother and even David Beckham” H&M Briefs ” as well as the underwear’s worn bythe selected men and women from 1700s.Thisexhibition educated the visitors about the practicality of the underwear andits role in fashion in past as well as present.Till date no other fashion garment has sensed suchsocial, cultural and sexual significance as “The Corset”.


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