The assets in the enterprise on top

The benefits are enhanced by the level of motivation on the part of the staff, and other benefits of reducing inventoryThe dean should sell the idea to the carpenter’s manager and the workers at the beginning during the conceptual phase, switching to the JIT system will be a change management project. Projects of this type often fail because employees are unwilling to accept the change. Therefore, this is an important factor for involving workers from the outset in order to make them contribute to the process.

Successful conversion depends on the early involvement of the workers because they are in the best position to generate ideas on how to design the efficiency of the process.he cell worked differently because the entire floor of the section would be divided into smaller, smaller cells, previously not specified where different products were placed on the management floor. Nor did the location of the equipment, which would change with the switch to the cell manufacturing system, will also differ in terms of hiring workers in individual cells rather than being responsible for all parts of the process and also including worker training. The Carpenter manager needs less supervision and more support.On the Dean implementation of the proposed changes because it is one of the change management, the management must build aorganizational culture of employees who are the assets in the enterprise on top management to create the best possible conditions for work and staff satisfaction.

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The costs of the risks associated with the Dean’s proposal that will be incurred due to the reconfiguration of the plant’s floor. During the implementation phase, there will be a cessation of work, so that the management of the project must be properly managed in a manner that does not disrupt the flow of the normal process during the transition period. And also not motivate staff enough to turn them into a new manufacturing philosophy is risky. Additional costs in the form of formal training and development programmes to assist staff in adapting to the new structure. Also, you may need to upgrade equipment from time to time


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