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The St. Catharines StandardI choose to do my essay on the St. Catharines Standard. The Standard isthe St.Catharines and Thorold area newspaper.

It provides us with the localnews, advertising and it keeps us in touch with what is happening all over theworld. It was first owned and runned by the Burgoyne family and was printed inSt. Catharines but, was sold last year to Southam Inc.

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and has started to beprinted in Hamilton. Southam Inc. also owns other papers such as The HamiltonSpectator,The Ottawa Citizen and The Kingston Wig. Here are some questions thatI have made up about The Standard and I have found the answers for them.

1.How important is The Standard to our economy?The Standard is pretty important to our economy. It provides thepeoples of St.Catharines and Hamillton with jobs. It also let’s the localbusinesses advertise their business to the people and attracts businesses to St.Catharines. Which brings money to the city.

And finally, I provides St.Catharines with the daily news about the city and all over the world.2.What is the source and type of the paper and why is it used?The Standard gets their paper from wherever they can get it the cheapest.It is Recycled Newsprint. Recycled newsprint is paper that has been previouslyused paper that has been shredded, de-inked and then turned into pulp so it canmake paper again. This type of paper is used because its economical,lightweight, recyclable and is available world wide.3.

What is the process of making the St. Catharines Standard?The First step in making the newspaper is in the advertising department.The workers in the advertising dept. sell space in the paper to local businessesfor ads. This pays for the paper to be made. Then the ads are produced and areredied for the paper a day before it has to be made. After the ad space is soldthe paper is sent up to the editorial room so they can look at the space notoccupied by ads and decide what stories the need to fill up the paper. Now tomake the paper! The pages are assembled and the ads and stories are cut andpasted on to boards.

After that a negative is shot of the board. Then theytake the negative and make a copy of it on a metal plate. They take the plateand mount it on the press. The pressman begin to roll the press, adjust theinks, check the colour and registration prints. The paper is then sent to themail room and counted ; labeled for its destination. They add the flyer andbundle them up.

Then the finished paper is sent to St. Cathaines. TheCirculation Department then sells the paper through stores, newspaper boxes andcarriers. And that is how the paper is made! Business

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