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The Split Cherry tree by: Jesse StuartThe setting takes place when people own a large amount of land. It is when the average family consisted of many children, and the children helped the family out. The boys usually tended the land with their father, and the girls were taught to wash clothes and to clean and cook.

The setting consists of the same things as did the families of the frontier times.The plot tells a story of a boy named Dave who was on a mission to recover four-legged scaly specimens of the kingdom of Nimalia. In order to complete such a task the boy was required to climb a cherry tree. He and his chums went over to a cherry tree that was in the property of a man who lived near the school. When they arrived at the spot where he was to begin his task, they observed a lizard who was patiently absorbing the warmth of the sun in order to be able to enjoy the night. As soon as the boys had spotted the lizard, they gave chase.

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The lizard noticing them instantaneously high tailed it to the nearest tree which happened to be a cherry tree. David and his friends followed the lizard up the tree. When the boy was near the top of the tree, the weight of him and his friends caused the tree to wilt until it came to a breaking point where it could no longer stand the stress that was being applied to it so it snapped. The man who owned the land, and the tree that was on it, took the boys to their teachers and demanded an explanation. When that could not be evident the man who owned the tree charged each of the boys a dollar each for the damages that were inflicted onto his tree.

While the other boys seemed to be able to reach into their pockets and pay their fine, little David was unable to. Therefore, the teacher paid for him and in return for his gratitude had the boy commit himself to two hours of labor in the school, after school. And the man would pay him a quarter every hour. So in two days the boy no longer had a debt to pay. The boys father was outraged because his son couldn’t come and help him out. He went down to the schools to tell them how lousy they were.

On the other hand, when he got home his mind was totally changed toward the school.The main character was Dave. He was about in his mid-teenage years. He was very devoted to his work, but he was somewhat ashamed of his father.

He thought of his father as an old man that didn’t know much. Then there was Dave’s father Luster. He was about in his forties, and he hated moderation because to him it was confusing.

In the end he didn’t really have anything against it. Then finally there was Professor Herbert. He was a little timid when he first met Dave’s father. I think it was because Luster had a gun with him.I think it was man versus society. I think this because at fir “St Luster Didn’t like the modern society.

He believed that Dave shouldn’t be going to school because there was so much to do on the farm. It was resolved by having an open mind. As soon as Luster started listening to the teacher, he had a change of mind and a change of heart.I think the theme was donOt judge a book by its cover I think this because if somebody judged something before they had a chance to actually get acquainted with it, it wouldn’t make any sense. I think it would be ignorance. Because if you don’t know anything about something, you should try and understand at least a little.I didn’t find any in this story.I think the irony was that the father was bad-mouthing the school, but at the end he started to grow fond of it.School has changed from my day and time I think that this is significant because the father actually admitted that the old way was


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