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The speaker John Hope Bryant explains in his speech that there is a difference from being broke and from being poor. John describes his childhood about how his mom makes his clothes and how he got beat up every day and also went to school in Compton, California .He says, “that being broke is economic and being broke is a disabling frame of mind and depressed condition of your spirit and you must vow that never ever ever to be poor again”. John Hope Bryant tells us a story about when he went to India and spoke at a University.

Once he was done at the university he went to the hotel and forgot his wallet and tried to contact the taxi driver and the taxi driver never contacted him back and so John starts thinking the worst thing that someone can do. Later that night the taxi driver had contacted the front desk and informed them that he has the wallet that John was stressing over earlier that day. John tried to pay the taxi driver, but he did not want the money, he just said,” that the next you’re in India come to my house and have tea”. After John tells the story, he tells the audience that there are three types of birds: Eagles, Buzzards, and Turkeys. John Hope Bryant is persuasive because it effectively uses various rhetorical strategies.

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Throughout the essay, John engages with the audience by using emotions which is Pathos. One example of pathos is when John Bryant talks in the beginning about how he got beat up in Compton, California because his mom would make him clothes that nobody else wore ate school. By telling this story, he then explains that being poor has an emotional response to your life. By making this statement, he tells that audience that being poor is emotional because being poor is surviving emotionally so you would have to worry about how am I going to live, am I going to live, or just stay the way you are. When John went to India he lost his wallet and the taxi driver brought his wallet back because it was Johns wallet. The taxi driver didn’t want a reward he just wanted to have a friend and the next time John visited India he wanted to have him over for tea.

The taxi driver was broke, but not poor because John offered him a month worth of his salary, but the taxi driver said no. Another way to persuade the audience is by appealing to his ethos. John is an American financial literacy entrepreneur and businessman. He is also the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of nonprofit Operation HOPE.


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