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The sonnets 18 and 116 are very similar and different. Both poems have a theme of love but are both very different. Sonnet 116 talks about how love should be and that no matter what happens that love will still remain true. It is much more realistic than sonnet 18 which talks about the idea of a perfect love that will never change. The perfect lover in sonnet 18 has fading beauty on the outside but inside their, “…eternal summer shall not fade” (Sonnet 18). Sonnet 116 has based its idea of love on the relationship of two people and sonnet 18 has based its idea of love on someone who is perfect and everlasting.

Both sonnets use imagery to represent there point. In sonnet 18 they use the changing season to show loss of beauty. At first the perfect love is compared to summer since it is seen as the loveliest season.

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Later, the comparison is retracted since summer will disappear too quickly and the perfect love stays perfect for a longer period of time. The imagery in sonnet 116 is more about unchangeable love.


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