“The is the fabric of social lives.

“Thespirit of sociology”This book has been the learning potential of anintroductory reader of sociology. The book spirit of sociology is an idea thatembraces many qualities used to examine discipline. The discipline is define asthe “a subject that is taught; a field of study.”  This book covers all the social issues of thesociety. This book divided into 5 parts each part consist every parts tell usabout the sociological behavior of general public which is given by differentsociologists.·       Sociological perspective: In the social perspective the sociology is define asthe things in society are not as they seem.

According to Peter Berger sociologyis something to understand the social world and help people to live their lifewith great efficiency and greater ability to understand and control theirlives.  According to C.Wright Mills thesociological imagination to overcome the problems by knowing their historicalscenes that this problem might be in past or not. So that people are aware ofthat how to overcome with these problems.                                                                    Sociologyis not typically in study in any institute this is often a career by W.RichardStephens.·       The Organization of Society:Every society has their own culture and ritualsaccording to their norms and values. Culture is the fabric of social lives.

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Here the author talking about the cultures of societies that are varies fromeach other. We are not bound to adapt any specific culture.                                 Socializationis the process in which the skills of any person develop to operate effectivelyin social life. Socialization is also the interaction with peoples who areliving in the society.                                      Socialgroups are the members who determine many of our identity as individuals. Inevery society social groups plays a vital role which represent them individualsand as a whole.

                                                                              When the sociologist examine the deviance of society they tried tocontrol the social deviance to improve the living standards of society forexample remove drug addict persons the crime control over the society on asmaller scale.·       Social inequality: Every society is divided in different classes whichare based on education, income and occupation. The ruling class is seeking toexploit the working class and the working class is seeking to overcome with theexploitation of ruling class.                                                                                                                                      In many urban and ruler environments are already finding racism andethnicity they have conflicts among the different race.                                                                                                                                          Gender inequality is verycommon in every society. Strong gender patterns in the families in order toeconomy, religious, education, law, politics and even in marriages.                                                                       ·        Social institutions:     Study family is the most popular subject of thesociology.

The family is the common experience for nearly every person insociety. Families, as a part of society, have many different roles to play inthe lives of people.                                                                                                                                                      Education andreligious is another basic part of the society. Education is basic need foreveryone and religious norms and values play a vital role in social life.

Religion is a social institution which creates connections between people andreligious is also able to create understandings between people.                                                                                                                                                    Anothersocial part of any society is the economy and politics. Politics is about powerand authorities. Politics and government has a high influence on any society.The economic institutions define as the how economy of any society affects thesociety. Many of us have our lives and livelihood driven by the economy.

·       Social change in modern world:As the rapid growth in the all over the world itdefinitely effecting the sociologically perspective  and it is also have bad effect on ecologysuch as global warming which harm the environment.                            As we all are living in atechnological age so we are more connected with the people with the help ofmedia which increase the socialization and we are now connected with peoplewith all over the world globalization is increasing we are stay in touch withother countries as well.                                                                                                    -RON MATSON                                                  


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