The begin this wolven tale of a great

            The Story Behind War Ships By Miles Madden.0The year is 12 century Bce in the  land  of ancient China  a huge battle is about to take place. Now  I know what your thinking what does  any of this  have to do with this papers topic well i’m getting to that right now. So let us begin this wolven   tale of a great invention throughout times grip.1 So be ready to learn the history of war ships. Now the first warships were mere rafts tied together by logs but they have become so much more. When the Qin dynasty began  China saw some major changes to the war ships.

Like the paddle wheel war ship. So now to be continued . Now I know your thinking this is just going to be some boring history lesson but it’s not.

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Ok it might be boring but that is highly unlikely.Some of the early warships design were junkers. Now another point that  I would like to make is the Han dynasty brought war ships as well.  Now South and North Song both had many war ships but they were very big. Now the Tang had something called Sea Hawks it was a type of warship.

So now picture yourself  on an ancient chinese warship with a lot of guys fighting for your empremer of the empire.2 What is your favorite type of warship? I really enjoy the frigate. Now did you know that we have china to thank for warships? Warships have been used in China since around      12 century Bc that means that warships are thousands of years old.

Now that is pretty old wouldn’t you agree mr  Terracotta Soldier? Any way back to my point warships of changed a lot in their years of being made. One point to bring up would be the us Destoryer.Now I know  this is    about ancient  China  war ships but I mean come on who does not love a good lesson hm?  Now China did not have a full on navy until 1132 ad so China has not had a navy for very long? Well we know that China has been around for thousands  of years but   did not have a full on navy for many years after that like thousands of years later in the year 1132. Did you know many places use warships? For example the U.S used war ships during world war  2  .  Now this is not about the U.S. Ancient China was the first place to have warships.

Now to be fair they needed them alot. Why did they need them? Hm well Jack they had a lot of water warfare. It was important to them so they could fight to protect their honor. So I mean they love their honor. Now they also did this 2 protect  their emperor and their home land.3 Now There are many types of ships . Warships are one of the many types of warships. Now destroyers are strong but the warships are stronger and more durable than destroyers.

Personally I prefer warships. Another boat to mention was the junker. This was ancient China’s first type of ship. So now mr junker capitan why was your ship so important to china? Ok no response well get him out of here.  Any way junkers were China’s ships that started the whole building of the navy.  Now the kingdom of wu had the biggest boats.

4  Captain the helm is on fire. Now like ships warships have many parts. The helm is one of the more important parts. The sterm is another part. Warships had many weapons.

How many people do you think warships can hold? They hold quite a lot. All ships have bowls. That is the first part of the ships. Now I mean the parts are all important.

5 Well now then end is nigh. Warships of been around for a long time huh? Well now i leave you this warships hold great power. With great power comes great respon


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