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The simplest way to introduce the concept of perception is by pondering over the following question : When we see something , are we all looking at it from a similar point of view?An answer to this question may have infinite opinions which again shows how diverse our minds are. Perceptions are the various ways in which humans observe or interpret things which may be due to their lifestyles or societies or several other factors.

Perceptions could act like a boon or bane in the lines of communication. Perceptions could play in vital role in communication if people happen to view a certain thing from the same perspective . To a certain extent , this is bound to create a bond between people that perceive similar opinions on any issue .

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This will enhance their communication as they are more likely to understand each other . However , varied groups of people that look at things from different points of view may not be able to relate as efficiently. This tends to affect communication by slowing down the process of comprehension. Another aspect of perceptions involves being open / broad minded. In order to be open minded , one must never hesitate to share his/her opinions on any issue . In the beginning , a strong feeling of hesitation may strike the mind with regards to whether the opinion to be presented is right or wrong , however one needs to overcome this feeling in order to be unique and open minded .

In many instances , being open minded may lead to drawing the most relevant conclusions.For instance , we were assigned certain mind puzzles to be solved in class . In a class with a population of about 25 , an average of 15 ideas flowed in for solutions to every mind puzzle. If every one of us looked at the puzzles from one point of view , we would’ve probably ended up with very few solutions. Being open minded and non-hesitant aided us to come up with varied solutions . This allows us to conclude that solutions are non finite . This highlights how important perceptions are in different situations of life.

Having discussed several positive aspects of perceptions , it would be wrong to conclude that perceptions do not create problems. One such problem is created when we say there is no one ‘ correct answer ‘ . Having multiple relevant answers might lead to conflicts regarding finding one resolution to a given problem . This could probably be resolved by clubbing a multitude of similar opinions and using these to create a resolution.

Finally , perceptions play a key role in a person’s life by allowing he / she to figure out various ways to resolve a given thing . Being open minded enhances the critical thinking ability of an individual .


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