Situational choked. I felt like vomiting. I thought

Situational Composition
It was getting dark and you and your friend were running late in getting
home. Thus, your friend suggested taking a short-cut through a dimly lit
alley. Suddenly, a bright light flashed in the darkness.

It was a rainy night. Rain poured relentlessly from every corner of
the sky. Thunder rumbled and growled overhead. It was pure bad luck to run
into a thunderstorm. I was already running late in getting home. I had
promised my parents that I would be home by eight o’clock, but it was nine
o’clock already. I was sure that I would get a good hiding from my parents
when I reached home.

Just then, my neighbour, John interrupted my thoughts and suggested,
“I know of an alley that will serve as a short-cut home.”
I considered his suggestion very carefully. I knew that it was rather
foolish to go to an alley which was empty and deserted unarmed, but it was
an emergency. My parents would probably ban me from going out for a week if
I arrived home any later.

The dimly lit alley greeted us with an overpowering stench of rotting
garbage. We held our breath as we ran, trying to avoid the disgusting
odour. Just then, we saw a bright light ahead. A heavily-tattooed man
approached us and asked in a deep and gruff voice, “How dare you intrude
into our territory?”
The gangster flexed his muscles and lifted John off the ground. He
knocked John unconscious with one swift punch. He smiled to himself. I
quickly dived into a garbage bin and closed the lid without making a single
sound. “Ughh…” I thought to myself. An assortment of the yuckiest
rubbish greeted me full force. I choked. I felt like vomiting. I thought to
myself, “Just bear with the stench now and you’ll be out of this disgusting
garbage bin soon.” I regained my composure, pulled out my cell phone and
called the police to report my case.

Meanwhile, the gangster was continuing his search for me, but to no
avail. Suddenly, I caught sight of a cockroach. It was not just a small
one, but a really huge one! Without thinking twice, I screamed out loud. I
heard footsteps nearing. I was shivering. I was in pieces. Adrenaline
surged and thoughts raced through my mind. “What if the gangster shot me?
What were my parents going to do without me?”
My only hope of living was the police arriving now, right now.

However, I knew that the chance was gone when the gangster opened the lid
of the garbage bin.

“Gotcha, boy,” the gangster smiled menacingly. I closed my eyes,
awaiting death. The gangster cocked the pistol. Chills ran up my spine.

Just as I had given up hope of escaping, the police arrived. Loud sirens
broke the silence of the night. I heard a voice boom from outside, “Listen,
you are now surrounded. Do not try to escape or we’ll shoot. Now, place
your hands on your heads and walk out in single file.”
The gangster and his accomplices, who were hiding in a humongous,
wooden crate knew that there was no chance of escaping and had no choice
but to surrender without putting up a struggle. They were handcuffed and
were shoved into a large police van.

Meanwhile, John had gained his consciousness and was being treated by
the paramedics. I was praised by the police constable for my quick-
thinking. He claimed that the police had been trying to find the gang for a
few months, but they always managed to escape. Of course, I was flattered
by his what he said, but of course, I did not want this to happen again. I
was grateful to be alive and I definitely did not want my life to be at
risk again. I did not ever want to experience such a horrifying incident

When I reached home, I still got a ticking off from my mother for
going to a deserted alley unarmed. Even though she scolded me, I knew that
she was extremely proud of me.

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