The me to create more practical applications

The immense gap between the level of technology to this modern day and to last decade alone is what fascinates me about computer science. Discipline accompanied with practicality has allowed for the development of websites and applications that have shaped the world we live in for the better. Living in Egypt has allowed me to observe the full potential that could be reached when using social media in the 2011 revolution.

The creation of social network applications through the fundamental concepts of computer science by setting up databases, servers and using application programming interface, has allowed people to unite and achieve a common interest improving their lives. I began to learn coding when I was introduced to the basics of website making through IGCSE Computer Science where I learnt to create very basic websites using HTML. Creating these websites had encouraged me to create more practical applications where I started to create very simple games by watching tutorials offered by the developing program developed using C Sharp. I found such activities very beneficial as it allowed me to be able to consolidate what I was learning in ICGSE Computer Science in creative ways.

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During the course of summer, I secured an internship in a cosmetics company where I was assigned to enter data within the company’s database concerning invoices and scanning barcodes. This working experience has allowed me to use some of the hardware devices that I was learning about in IT which has made recognise the vital role of technology within every single industry, especially in the retail world.My studies in Mathematics has been very beneficial in enhancing my techniques in problem solving by thinking more laterally. Studying Physics has given me an insight into the mechanics of interactions between objects and various forces which has ignited my interest in video game programming. All modern video games use physics to execute a realistic behavior that enhances the users experience such as the collision of billiard balls that require the law of conservation of momentum.

I find video game programming remarkable as there is really no limit to creating more engaging experiences that challenge the users to overcome difficulties they face and allowing them to strive to meet a certain objective. Studying IT at AS level has allowed me to gain practical skills such as building database systems and learn about the various data types that define sets of possible values. The constant work on research projects and presentations within Business Studies has allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills which has strengthened my communication skills both orally and in written essays.I participated in my school’s community service programme by aiding a IGCSE Business Studies student.

By obtaining the prestigious title of top in country in Business at AS level, I was able to guide him through his difficulty when asked to answer past paper questions. Teaching a younger student Maths has proven to be demanding yet rewarding as I attempt to explain to him the concepts and rules with clarity. Sports are vital to maintain a healthy and well balanced lifestyle and therefore I have participated competitively in swimming where I was part of the first team at my local sports club as well as enrolling into the British Schools in the Middle East program offered by my school.I believe that I am strong candidate to enroll at computer science, not only for the subjects I have studied in school but also for my passion for technology combined with the desire to succeed should make me an exceptional computer scientist where I could contribute to this innovative field.


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