Thank Peddle’s Bikes distributors and retailers. As

Thank you, first of all, for the wonderful reception during your start-of-year get-together for all Peddle’s Bikes distributors and retailers.

As I have assured you repeatedly every time we touch base, we here at Cranky’s Mountainbikes have been extremely gratified at the excellent reputation your aluminum-framed bicycles have enjoyed in North Bay. With spring just around the corner, we have received many solicitations to carry competing brands, especially those that undercut your prices by a wide margin.However, we are convinced that Peddle’s quality will, in the long run, be to our mutual profit. Owing to numerous inquiries last year about bicycles for street use by children and delivery boys, for whom a sturdy bike is more important than light weight, I am now utterly convinced that we can get incremental sales from carrying the “Iron Man” line you had briefed me about. I therefore have need of the complete catalogue for your “Iron Man” models, particularly those in the $150 to $1000 range, that will assure us about the same margin contribution per unit.Since we plan to begin our “Springtime Exhibit” promotion on March 31, it would be really timely if you can dispatch the recommended retail price lists, the catalogue, your best merchandising materials, proposal for co-op advertising in weekend papers and at least a handful of display units by Friday the 14th. Here’s looking forward to growing our mutual business in the coming months.

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Cheers! Tony Pre-Writing Activity A Scenario 1: The Service Warranty ClaimFrom a corporate standpoint and functional point of view, David’s primary purpose in this communication is to inform the customer that the warranty never covered service charges and that it expired, in any case, more than year previously. Q2: Secondary Purpose At same time, David must convey a sense that he has looked carefully into the matter and investigated all details of the Import Cars warranty policy for provisions that might offer the customer some benefit.This is because the secondary objective of this communication must be to persuade the customer that the car dealership is customer-oriented, gives customers the benefit of the doubt and extends them all due attention and the utmost benefit possible. Q3: Optimal Channel Owing to the need to quote provisions of warranty policy that apply, to attach a copy that will satisfy the customer about the truth, the degree of detail the communication will entail, and the cost implications to the customer, a letter seems the best choice in the matter.

All of the above considerations carry more weight than speed of response. A phone call may be a viable alternative content-wise but is likely to be unproductive because putting the customer on the spot will likely arouse an irate reaction that changes nothing. David might end the letter on a hopeful note and with an eye to mutual benefit by suggesting that the customer purchase extended warranty from Import cars.I would have to say that the primary reader for my proposal is Patricia Irving, head (presumably the CEO) of Dagleish Investments. This is so because she is managing the competitive-bidding process and solicited a proposal directly from us at Zedex Development. Beyond these, we target the proposal to her rather than CIO Jason Tucker because Ms. Irving will likely prove more responsive to a proposal that discusses both financial reporting functionality and benefits for Dagleish Investments customers. Q5: Relationship with Primary ReaderHaving had no prior personal contact with Ms.

Irving, my relationship with her is purely professional. She presumably expects me to submit a proposal that will address the expanded financial reporting needs of the firm, be complete as to details of the system features and benefits, and aid her in doing a cost-benefit analysis. There is also an element of trust in the relationship; this comprises the confidence that Zedex is worthy to be invited to bid and accordingly, trust that I will deliver a sound proposal.In the medical field, I would be the physician in whom a patient reposes full trust and confidence.

In court, Ms. Irving is the judge who expects a professional brief and appropriate courtroom demeanor from counsel. For families wanting their new home built, I would be the contractor expected to deliver on aesthetics, value for money, durability and solid construction. Q6: Proposal Tone The proposal must therefore convey a tone that combines credibility, measures to minimize problems, and attention to detail.Having already outlived a financial reporting system put in place just two years previously, Dagleish will surely be eager to see specifications for a scalable system that can accommodate realistic growth. In turn, attention to detail is necessary since Dagleish’s financial managers and clients have to deal with rates and returns calculated to several decimal places. Q7: Technical Knowledge of Primary ReaderPatricia Irving may not know as much as CIO Jason Tucker about the nuts and bolts of accounting software, network architecture, network security and programming code but our primary reader can be counted on to be more aware about such issues as reports required by the various departments and their customers, prospects for growth in the near future, organizational changes she might wish to make and ultimately, the value of such a system as a cost-benefits analysis might prove out.

Q8: Probable Response I would like to think that a professionally-crafted, complete, value-for-money, on-target and scalable proposal will meet with at least mild interest, if not a completely positive reception initially. Q9: Information Needs of Secondary Readers: Barbara Miller, my President and Victor Boudeli, my Sales Director – Beyond the customer aspects of the proposal, these two will be primarily interested in the very same factors Ms.Irving will scrutinize closely. They will very likely want to know whether I have covered costs adequately, how much revenue Zedex Development stands to make if the tender is successful, how realistic the manpower complement and time frames are, and whether all the application developer types/skills Dagleish needs are already available in-house (and if not, whether the cost to hire those have been taken into account).

The Dagleish investors – will most likely be interested in the cost-savings the new system will generate, the likely life span of this investment and whether the Zedex system will accommodate, even facilitate revenue growth. CIO Jason Tucker – Being an account and not too well-versed yet in application development, Mr. Tucker will be prone to scrutinize the components of the financial reports, how well the ledgers update each other, compliance issues, and how completely the accounts receivables/accounts payables track client orders, prepare invoices, etc.

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