The service called E-Mail. It is widely used

The global phenomenon through which one-third of the human world communicate is called “INTERNET”.

It has blended in our life. Light bulb, telephone, electricity has single inventors but Internet has many and evolved ever since. Internet is the abbreviation of “Internet transmission control”. Later in 1982, name Internet was made official. The idea of Internet was conceived by US Department of Defense in California in the early 1970s to be used as a weapon in Cold War. High officials of the military to communicated through process called Packet switching. Its protocols were developed by ARPANET.

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In early 1980, the Internet was not accessible by everyone. This gave birth to commercial ISP (Internet Service Provides), which provided common man with access to Internet. People started storing their documents and other web resources on WWW (World Wide Web). Uniform Resource Locator and hyperlinks via Internet identify their information. There are billions of websites storing wide variety of information. British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented first website in mid-1991. He made his web technology free and open for everyone to use.

Within a decade, web revolutionized and Companies like Google, Amazon and E-Bay debuted. “LO” was first ever message sent using Internet. It happened in Stanford University when a student was trying to type LOGIN and abruptly system crashed.

When system recovered, a message appeared “LO” as he was able to type only first two letters of Login before system crashed. After that event sending messages became frequent using service called E-Mail. It is widely used service on Internet. E-mail is an abbreviation of “Electronic Mail”. Ray Tomlinson was the inventor of E-mail, a scientist from the Cambridge University.

Emails are sent and received using the unique email address every user has. In 1976, Queen Elizabeth used this service and sent her first ever E-mail.               


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