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The history of geothermal energy has been dated back to the paleolithic era when hot springs are believed to have been used. But,it’s been in the earth ever since it was created.

The most known use for geothermal energy was first developed  by the Romans in the first century AD. In 1904 there was a breakthrough in this energy to be used as a power source. On the 4th of July 1904 at the Larderello dry steam field in Italy. Piero Ginori Conti tested the first geothermal power generator. It was able to provide power to five light bulbs.

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The design and technology of geothermal energy are many. Most of geothermal electrical generating plants use either flash or binary technologies. The flash process has water from underground wells separated or flashed into steam and water. The water is sent to the geothermal reservoir or used in other agricultural activities. The steam is then used to turn a generator creating electricity. Gases are removed if necessary treated to remove dissolved pollutants. It is cooled to liquid form and reinjected into the geothermal reservoir.

The binary process uses hot water from a geothermal source as a secondary working fluid ex. Ammonia or isobutane, in a closed loop. It is then vaporized at the heat exchanger and turns the turbine generator.

The cooling system condenses the vapourized working fluid back to liquid state to start process again. The hot water and the working fluid are kept separate so that environmental issues are minimal. Geothermal energy is being used all over canada but it’s mostly being used in very small ways, low temperature or direct heat potential.

The bigger uses for this energy are happening more to the west of canada in B.C., Yukon, and Alberta. This energy can be used from neighbourhoods to the biggest of industries.

The temperatures at which we use this can be from 20 degrees-500 degrees. The most advanced geothermal power project was in South Meager, B.C.


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