The women and the rights that should be

The Seneca Fall Convention was a convention where the conditions of the women in the society were discussed. It was the beginning of revolution for the women equality and rights in the society that to of men. It took place on 19th and 20th July’ 1984 and was led by Elizabeth C. Stanton and Lucretia Mott.

This event covered over 18 declaration and 11 resolution and more than 300 people were a part of it. The final decision was made on by voting system. However, the two event heads, were not allowed to take part in this which had hurt their feeling. They took the oath to bring forward the conditions of women and the rights that should be given to them as they are equal participants in the society, same as men. They have visited many locations and tried their best to create awareness on the same. Starting a movement for the equality of women to men and not permitted to be a contributor in it, led this a controversy situation. Taking up the challenge for the betterment of women equality and rights in the society resulted in this movement. Right to vote, property rights and right to education are some of the most important rights for women.

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No religion, books or law of nature says that women are born to serve men. The women are as good as men and they have all the rights to be treated equal to men. Rights to vote is one of the basic rights that should be given to women as well. Holding a property on her name should be an issue for anyone as they are humans and have all the rights to take a property under her name.

One of the most important right is education. One of the basic needs has to be given to women as learning or gaining knowledge is important for both. The concepts that have settled in the minds on the masses were to be changed and they were to be acknowledged that women were not their servants but were equal humans to them. To live freely was the right of both.

Sadly, many men would be against this as they feel/believe that they are the supreme authorities of the houses and society. They are decision makers and the women just have to follow them. The women are weaker and good for living in the four walls of the house.

Therefore, making them strong believers that they would mistreat and disrespect her. This mindset are a threat to the society and the women. How can one say that the person whom they are born from, are below them? This is the kind of harsh thoughts that men had and some still have. I believe that all women should be treated well and with respect as all humans together form the society and are equal distributors for its smooth running.As said in the popular saying, “drop, drop makes an ocean” same way, what he is trying to say is that, small things matter a lot.

They are the contributors towards great happenings. A small change in one’s daily routine, could lead them to a completely different path. In same manner, continuous efforts with time would make impossible to happen. In similar way, here, the nose of Cleopatra refers to small changes.

She had a big nose which resembled Julius Caesar and the history would have been entirely different.


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