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The second model is “fixed outreach site,”, which is similar to the first model due to focus on its service areas, however the different of it from the pervious one is that it provides care in a location that will be more accessible to people who unable to receive care. Most of the fixed outreach site location are usually located within shelters, public drop-in centres, and transitional housing settings. In addition of providing immediate care to many homeless individual, one of it main goal of fixed outreach site is to inspire repeat use of health care services by patients to restore them into the health system.

Many outreach clinics are also connected to many health and social agencies as a way for providing better care services. The last model, “mobile outreach service,” is one of the model that is helpful to homeless individual than pervious model, due to it operates from vehicles at sites such as on the street. However, some of the disadvantage that this model have is unable to provide a wide array of services due to absence of space and equipment. Some of the mobile outreach service include diagnosis, screening, prevention, education, and referrals to other agencies and most of this service are often lead by a nurse practitioner teams

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