Greetings the Not, as well as having the

Greetings acolyte. You shall recognize Our writings as undeniable Truth, for We are The Correct. That is Our Doctrine. While fools squander their time reminiscing about times long past and idols of another day, We carefully and precisely measure the worth of our Gods, and thereby ensure the continuation of Correctness. This document contains the foundation of Our right, and is a guide to attaining redemption in the eyes of Our Masters.

Read it well, for without it you shall surely be lost and damned.The Correcttheir dwelling with false hopes of salvation, unaware of the Truth that exists; surrounding them; contained within them; and yet, unbeknowest to them. Only We know, for We are The We are The Correct. That is Our Doctrine. The unsuspecting masses have gathered in Correct. There are others who are partially Correct, however they do not know it. In the past, We have made attempts to guide the Incorrect among us, but it was a fruitless exercise. They either refused or were unable to create a distinction between Truth and Not.

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Through your training, you have come to learn segments of Truth, but have not been exposed to the grand majesty of The Way. The Correct have been promised infinite authority over what is; and as We have Our Masters, We are Masters of others; this they do not know.The Correct also have the privilege of being protected from the Not, as well as having the capacity to revert Not to Truth; this occurs in its due time.

The secular term “holy” could be used to describe Our state of being, however such a term is too limited and undefined to explain such a state. This shall all be explained to you shortly. Suffice it to say that to be an Incorrect among The Correct is similar to being an ape among humans; inferior in belief and practice, but capable of inflicting damage if the latter is caught off-guard. That shall not ever happen, for We are as vigilant as moss on a stone wall; surveying the landscape, listening for corruption, and creeping forward slowly but steadily. We are unwavering and unstoppable. We are The Correct.Certain animal species are Correct as well, but they have not any power to help Us. They merely work to convince the other creatures of The Earth.

We know that this will be futile in the end. Some of these enlightened species include dolphins, snails, and turtles.The IncorrectMost of humanity, as well as most animal species, are totally Incorrect. They do not understand anything, nor do they live as they should. Some might say that it is not their fault; that they are merely ignorant and unenlightened.

This is irrelevant. Some of the false beliefs that fall into the category of Incorrectness include religion and philosophy. Such Wrong opinions will be eliminated in Our time of Glory, but that shall not come to pass for many centuries yet. Ingreaem said once that:”Those who are foolish enough to renounce reality are doomed to be destroyed by it. As a mortal can be consumed by his own ignorance of hissurroundings, so can a God. Thus, it is imperative to cleanse ourselves of allmistruth..

..for it will destroy us….in time.

“11 This is an excerpt from the Rajjag di Siddal, a tome located in Alexandria. It represents an an ancient priest’s doctrine concerning the tapestry of reality. It is believed to have been written in 1082 B.C.E.These words are sacred to Us, and must be revered as much as any other collection of Truths.

For centuries, the Incorrect and the Wrong have tried to thwart Us. Using tools such as lies and propaganda to mislead the foolish, they have attempted repeatedly to turn all of humanity to the ways of The Untruth. Sometimes, they are so devious that they will actually use truth itself to stop us. These miscreants will tell a group of ignorant peasants an actual Truth, and use its power over them for the purposes of manipulation for the ultimate goal of the destruction of Truth. These are demons, and must be stopped. They are the most evil and sinister of The Incorrect; they know of


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