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The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska is full of peace, love, freedom (now), and many more things like that. Does that sound like something you would enjoy being apart of? Lets see. The Ponca Tribe was founded in the 1870’s  b y about 800 people afetr they were split up from because former tribe by Lewis and Clark and their teem. So they became the Ponca Tribe. Ponca ‘freebase’.The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska is iconic in its quest to persevere in spite of hundreds of years of challenges to its existence.

That it exists today is amazing, the determination and endurance of Ponca Tribe members to overcome a forced removal, lossed land and, most recently lack of recognition by the federal government. The Ponca Tribe members lived along the Niobrara River in northern and northeast Nebraska. They moved to a reservation near Niobrara but were forced to move to Oklahoma in the 1870s.

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Some Ponca members remained in Oklahoma, where they founded the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma. But others, including their Chief, Standing Bear refused to stay and wated to go back to Nebraska.After many days in court, a decision was made on May 12, 1879, in Omaha, found that American Indians are “persons within the meaning of the law.”The Poncas were allowed to return to Nebraska, but the struggles were not over. A Ponca Tribe Member says “in order to restore, preserve and protect all rights aboriginally held by our people and their descendants, promote peace, prosperity, happiness, and the general welfare of the members of our Tribe and our posterity, to exercise home rule, to assert our inherent sovereignty, to protect our right of self-government, to conserve custom, to improve our social order, to protect our rights as individuals, to promote our economic welfare, to promote domestic tranquility, to promote business enterprises both cooperative and individual, to promote educational opportunities for all Ponca people, to consolidate our land holdings by purchase, exchange, transfer, gift, or otherwise, do ordain and establish this Constitution in accordance with our inherent sovereignty, and all previous aboriginal rights of our members and Treaties previously entered into with the United States of America.”In the 1870’s Chief Standing Bear’s son died in the Treck South along with many others, and as his dead son’s wish Chief Standing Bear and many tribe members went back to their homeland Nebraska to bury his son, while everyone else in the tribe refused to leave and made The Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma.

Now, both tribes are alive and doing well. Now let’s talk about how the Ponca Tribe started. The Usni (Cold) of Nebraska are believed to have been part of the Omaha Tribe, having separated by the time Lewis and Clark came upon them in 1804. At that time, they situated along Ponca creek, in Knox County. Near present-day Verdelalong Ponca Creek, in Knox County, near present-day Verdel. They lived in earth lodges and were primarily horticulturists, but also made seasonal hunting trips.

They were on such a trip when Lewis and Clark came upon their village. Although the tribe’s exact origin is unknown, some scholars believed the Ponca migrated from an area along the Red River near Lake Winnipeg. However, by the early 1700s, the warring Sioux had forced them to relocate to the west bank of the Missouri River. Over all the Ponca tribe has went through many obstacles but they have made it through those bad (and good) times. And in my opinion, Before I show you more pictures of The Ponca Tribe and Ponca people, I’m coming back to my question. Does the Ponca Tribe seem like something you would do? In my opinion, I think I would like it because in the world right now, it’s not very peaceful.

Bad things are happening in America, North Korea, Russia, Afghanistan, and many more places and instead of worrying and being scared about what is happening, they choose to ignore that and be HAPPY and if you look up “Ponca Tribe” on the internet you will see that they are peaceful, not judgemental, but again in my opinion, they are full of happiness. So yes, i would like that. (now for some more pictures.)


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