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The Civil War started because the South saw abolition in the North as a threat to them and the South and certain areas in the Western regions were mainly pro slavery states but they still benefit from the slave work in many aspects because before secession the South would work with Northern banks and other factories because the North was mainly industrial.

Slavery and state rights were primarily the reason to why the Civil War broke out. I support this statement because the north and the south, along with west both differed with one side having more state rights and the other abolishing slavery. In the early 1800’s the south had more power in the government than the north because the saw had more representatives, this resulted in the south fighting for so long for slavery. Some state in the west specifically the border state were crucial to both north and south. Missouri, kentucky, and Maryland were important for the south because they were all slave states, which is why Abraham Lincoln had to be careful with whatever moves he would take next to deal with the Confederacy because the border states could secede at any moment.

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All three of these state were the main source for horses and mules for the south. Abraham told everyone in the western region who were in danger of seceding that the war was to keep the Union whole, but he did not tell them that is was to free slaves. During the beginning of the war the south started off strong because they would beat the north in each battle they had until most of the soldiers and southern people stopped listening to the Confederate leader, while the Union obeyed every command Lincoln would give  them. The southern soldiers and fighters were all from a military background and along they had Robert E. Lee, and Thomas Jackson. So, the south had advantages to some extent but when they were still part of the union they had sold most of their cotton to Europe already so when the war started they had no one to sale cotton to so it would just build up and the south also started running how of food because most of their food supply would come from the north. Before the war the north would mass ship all the food Europe needed so when the south wanted help from them they picked food over cotton.

South just wanted to get to be recognized as independent, but the Union just wanted to save the Union. Slavery was not the only issue that resulted in the Civil War power between the states was also an issue.An example of how much more power the south and slave states had was the Kansas- Nebraska act that violated the Compromise of 1820 that said no slavery was allowed above the 36’30 line.

Kansas and Nebraska came into the country as slave states after getting popular sovereignty. When the Union let the south violate this compromise it showed that the southern states had more governmental power than north, but then came California and it created a balance in government when it came in as a free state. When the southerns has seen that California was now a free slave and more slavery was being abolished, and no one was following the fugitive slave laws they saw it as a threat because they were finally losing the higher hand in state power. Uncle Tom’s Cabin also created a bad reaction from the south because they started to ban all abolition poems, papers, etc., from the south.

Southern states were also threaten when importation of slaves was banned in the U.S. in 1807, and the price of slaves had to go up.During the civil war the both caused many conflicts between north and south while the west just kind of watched which side it was better to be on. Most of these conflicts went from Slavery to State power and some economic problems in between like the north having more resources than the south like food, provisions, weapons, and people willing to fight.


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