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In ‘Patriotism’ Mishima develops the theme of the role of women through the use of sexual imagery. The writer shares the story of a young and newly married lieutenant who cuts short his life because of a new project at work. The thought of perishing in the line of duty takes its toll on him. The wife takes her life too alongside that of her husband. The picture painted by the writer of the plot shows endearing love.

It shows promise by couples. It clearly illustrates the difficult task that women have in supporting their husbands even when sometimes they do not reach favorable decisions. First and foremost, the story outlines some salient characteristics of women. It depicts women as warm and trusting. Reiko trusts the intentions of her husband so much that she is willing to follow him even at his death. She willingly follows his training to deal with death right from the time of their wedding.

Women act as loyal and committed to their marriages and to their husbands. Reiko has never cheated on her husband despite remaining alone for several days and weeks when the husband is out fighting with the military. Her loyalty to man is sure. She shows significant humility and submission to the husband.

This forms the collection of the magnificent qualities she possesses. Perhaps her perfect feature is resilience. Reiko is strong enough to withstand the pain of death alongside her husband. She is willing to act as a witness when the husband commits suicide. Her ability to withstand shows clearly when she takes her own life to join her husband in the life beyond death. This shows ardent dedication.

The critical role that women play in the community should not be taken lightly. Some of the responsibilities include,

Love and care. Women show care, love and compassion. Their presence brings exceptional assurances to those who are hurting in society, the needy and the rejected. Women have the ability to love unconditionally even when loving leads to one’s peril. Women get seriously devoted to loving, care and support those in their lives and the community at large.

Support and encouragement. Women develop the support base for their husbands in all things. They stand by their side when making career decisions and encourage them when they change. Unfortunately, women are not normally prepared to do much. Theirs is the responsibility of helping those who end up accomplishing much in life. They get accomplished in the process as writes Jeannette Nedoma (2009). They do not have a stable occupation of their own, an opinion that in the modern world does not apply.

Women as housewives. In the traditional community, women remained home while their husbands went hunting or to get some work.

The responsibility of the women was only to bear children. They should perform all the duties in the house besides taking care of the homestead. Their husbands, on the other hand, went out to fend for the family. In the modern day, a lot has changed. Women continue to serve as housewives even in modern times. Reiko was a housewife who stayed home while her husband worked in the military. Her only responsibility was to support and submit to the leading of her husband in all things.


The role women play in the society goes beyond bearing and rearing children. They submit to and support their husbands in all that they do.

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