The popular culture in the United States of

The popular culture in the United States of America has taken a concrete foundation in the formation of various contemporary cultures. The popular culture in itself does not have exact information on who started it but there are assumptions or conclusions that are available when the origin of the popular culture arises. The information available is not enough about whom the founder of this upcoming culture was but we are dead certain that the effects of the popular culture are still across the United States of America (Sanchez 367).

The popular culture originated from the African-Americans according to their way of life and the way people live together in harmony. Then, it mostly spread via the music industry, which the African-Americans dominate, which showed up in the mainstream in the late 20th century and early 21st century. This is a very recent culture, but the enormity, which it has spread and the reception of the people makes it worth studying and backtracking about.

The role of the social change due to the popular culture is witnesses in United States of American and the whole world. The music industry receive great influence by the popular culture and whenever an artist releases a song and it does not conform to the current trend, it does not gain popularity and people will not listen to it no matter how good the message might be.

The popular culture has changed the way people dressed and dressing the way most people on the music videos do is cool, no matter how irrelevant a piece of clothing is to the situation (Takaki 529).

The music industry at some point will show the disparity in both the fully American society and the African American society. The latter have a certain way of singing, for example, so well they have done all the jazz music, soul and the various spirituals.

Rock music on the other hand has steamed for the fully American society and from this impact created by the popular music; we can see how later on the two societies find a grey area. The African Americans initially mastered rap music but with time, we have seen the uprising of the Americans indulging themselves into this genre of music.

The society change can partially be associated to the popular culture as well as improved technology, which make people adopt new way of living. Its role is major, every corner of the world feels it, and therefore people cannot consider it insignificant factor but a major contributor to the same. The use of slang has been there since time immemorial but the use of the current slang derived from the popular culture has flooded the tongues of the Americans.

The way of dressing has considerably changed for the tight jeans in the early eighties to the baggy, oversized jeans worn today by most young people. Most of them do this, not due to bodily comfort or preference but due to the influence, the popular culture has on the societal change.

The way of making money these days has revolutionized unlike back in the day when after school people would go out in search of vacant job positions. With the popular culture, it has encouraged the young people to work and run small businesses to take care of their needs.

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