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The Rise of Conservatism and Using History to Understand Current EventsNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate The Rise of Conservatism and Using History to Understand Current EventsReasons for the Rise of Conservatism in the Last Part of the 20th CenturyOne of the reasons for the rise of conservatism in the last part of the 20th century includes the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War led to the transformation of the conservative movement through separation from individuals who supported the war from those who did not (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). The Vietnam War led to an increased financial burden on the federal government of the United States. The increase on the level on debt for the United States government, which led to many citizens questioning the participation in the war as a majority, saw the war as unbeneficial and a war where the chances of winning were minimal (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). The second reason for the rise in conservatism was the rise in inflation and a decline in the economic status of the United States.

For a long time, the United States economy had been leading but in 1970, it started to decline with the unemployment rate rising over 6% (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). Due to this, activists formed a conservation movement demanding a change in the environment protection policies (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). The third reason for the rise in conservatism was the lack of trust of the citizens of the United States to the government due to unfairness. Most individuals felt that the government favored the wealthy more, which led to the individuals not supporting the government by not participating in the voting process (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). One Way in Which the Rise of Conservatism Had a Positive or Negative Impact For a Specific Group of AmericansThe rise of conservatism had a positive impact for the wealthy Americans. Many laws were enacted in 1960, which favored specific groups in the American citizens. Some of these laws included the tax reform act which the top tax income group had their tax rates lowered from a 50% to 28% (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). The lower tax income group had their income tax rate increased from 11% to 15%.

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The lower class as well as the middle class were negatively affected by this tax reform where else the rich and wealthy were positively impacted through the reduction in their tax rate level. This further resulted to negative effects to the poor by the increase in poverty levels and challenges in accessing some basic social services (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). An Issue That You Feel Is Important Today. How Does Knowledge Of History Help Us Gain A Better Understanding Of This Issue?An important issue today is the issue of racism and discrimination. This has led to negative effects on the minority groups (Isaac, 2013). This issue has been a topic of discussion from the early times and although there are strategies to address this issue, not much has been achieved in addressing the issue. It is a major concern, which should be addressed to enable equality for all individuals (Isaac, 2013). Knowledge of history help us gain a better understanding of this issue by understanding the origin of racism and what strategies have been implemented before to address the issue.

History also explains the origin of movements to demonstrate the issue of racism and the benefits of addressing this issue (Isaac, 2013). ReferencesBarnes, L. & Bowles, M. (2014). The American story: Perspectives and encounters from 1877.

San Diego, CA: Bridge point Education, Inc. (Online Edition). Retrieved from, B. (2013).

Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity. Oxford shire, England: Princeton University Press.


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