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The Renaissance period was a time of rebirth. This period began in Europe from the 1300s-1700. During this time people started to see themselves in ways they never thought they would. The impact of this time was very powerful. Some ways that the Renaissance Changed Man’s View of the word is by the practice of literature,anatomy, and art.

A change in Man’s view during the Renaissance could be through literature/literacy. For example in Shakespeare it states “What a piece of work is a man”. This line carries a great message it shows man’s nobility,beauty, and ability to understand. Shakespeare celebrates life and how it can me joyful. This was a new point of view during the Renaissance. A second change in Man,s view during the Renaissance is that the Renaissance embraced individuality. In the Middle ages most of the art people made wasn’t realistic (few facial features). Unlike the Mona Lisa created by Leonardo Da Vinci’s these paintings didn’t show real life personalities.

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A third way the Renaissance changed man’s View of the world was by new emphasis on reason. The Ptolemy’s theory was that Earth was in the center of the universe was replaced by a different theory that the sun was in the center of the universe. Rational thinking began to replace religious and faith based knowledge The Renaissance showed others that it’s good to have a different point of you.These examples marked the beginning of the modern era and shared a powerful message with everyone during that time.


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